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One of the main issues that people face when choosing a new cooker comes down to space and more importantly, what type of cooker will fit into that space. Freestanding electric cookers allow us to not only tap into one of the most efficient cooker types on the market but also offers us valuable flexibility when choosing our products.

When I mention the term “freestanding”, basically I mean something that doesn’t need to be fitted to anything. This might be cabinets, worktops, walls and so on.

But, it often doesn’t mean it can’t be fitted if you’d rather. It also means that it’s limited in size, often up to 60cm in total width, ranging from 50cm and even smaller if you like.

The beauty of electric cookers is that it’s a fuel type that we can all enjoy. We all have electricity running in our houses, whereas with the likes of gas, this isn’t always the case.

I’ve also included a couple of induction hobs in there as well, just to give you a bit of a comparison. Essentially, they are electric cookers, but many companies don’t always tag them like this and like to keep them in the ‘induction’ bracket for their users.

As you’ll see from the list below, the cookers I’ve included cover a pretty wide blanket when it comes to cost. Again, this is intentional, so you can see what you get extra for your money.

Without giving the game away too much, the most expensive freestanding electric cooker didn’t necessarily offer the best value for money.

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Best Freestanding Electric Cookers



Minimally designed, yet capable of complex functionality and versatility, the AEG CIS6741ECM is a top-end cooker for serious home chefs. It features an electric induction hob and provides lots of cooking space with two electric ovens.


The large 73-litre, multi-functional main oven offers a glut of cooking options while the 39-litre conventional oven provides extra space to cook large meals with ease. One feature I really appreciate is the interior lights for both ovens. Even brands like Rangemaster only offer main oven lights. The second oven doubles as an oversized grill, large enough to crisp entire roasts. Both ovens are fitted with catalytic liners for easy cleaning.

The top of the AEG CIS6741ECM is home to the beautiful induction hob and the temperature control panel. The controls are well-placed and shouldn’t be obscured while cooking; however, the major downside is that they are less than intuitive and oddly labelled. Combined with the unclear instructions, it may take some trial and error to get the most out of this cooker.


  • Powerful, four-zone induction hob
  • 73 litre, multi-functional main oven
  • 39 litre secondary oven which doubles as a large grill
  • Interior lights in both compartments
  • Catalytic oven liners
  • LED Display


  • The control dials don’t have clear labels
  • The instructions are tricky to follow

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Smeg Symphony SY6CPX8 

SMEG Symphony Electric Ceramic Cooker

Most 60cm cookers just can’t compete with larger ovens or ranges when it comes to making a statement. However, the Smeg Symphony SY6CPX8 demands attention and creates an eye-catching centrepiece to any kitchen.

You’ll be happy to know that this freestanding electric cooker performs as well as it looks. My favourite part of this stunning stove is the ceramic hob, which features four burners, two of which are dual-zone. Dual-zone cooking gives you greater capacity for larger pans and more control over their temperature to produce professional results.

This stainless steel cooker features just one large 72-litre multi-function oven, resplendent with pyrolytic liners. These can incinerate even the most stubborn dirt and grime that can be easily wiped away in a couple of minutes. To ensure the heat stays where it should, the large viewing window is quadruple-glazed and easy to clean.

The single oven is roomy enough to cook multiple dishes at once and includes all the functions you need, whether baking or roasting. These include Smeg’s impressive Circulair fan-assisted cooking mode, to ensure even, consistent heating throughout its large cavity. It can be used together with the integrated grill to perfectly sear and crisp your favourite foods.

The downside of this precisely engineered masterpiece is the premium price. While it’s undoubtedly worth it, it may be a stretch for some budgets.


  • Unique, modern appearance
  • 72 litre, single oven
  • Pyrolytic liners
  • Quadruple glazed viewing window
  • Circulaire fan-assisted cooking mode
  • Four burner hob including two double zones
  • Integrated grill


  • The price may place it beyond some budgets
  • There is only one cooking compartment

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Beko XDC653W


The Beko XDC653W is a superb entry-level cooker for those who need the flexibility to cook multi-course meals. Since this kind of cooking gets messy, it is also designed to be low-maintenance and easy to clean. As one of the most user-friendly cookers on this list, its features are easy to understand with straightforward controls.

There are two sizeable ovens, including a 69-litre fan-assisted main oven and a 36-litre conventional oven. Both use easy-clean enamel linings and feature triple-glazed, removable viewing windows. The secondary oven doubles as a grill as well for ultimate versatility in its 60cm wide frame. The four ceramic hobs come in two sizes and are covered in a single glass sheet to make cleaning a doddle.

The simple control dials provide pinpoint accuracy when setting burners or ovens. My biggest gripe is that the large burners don’t heat evenly and are often hotter at the centre. That means that tasks like boiling large pots of water can take a little longer than expected. The Beko XDC653W is still a fine choice for families who want the most from their money.


  • Large 69 litre, main oven
  • Secondary grill/oven combo
  • Enamel lined ovens
  • Triple glazed, removable windows
  • Four burner, glass-covered, ceramic hob
  • LED Display
  • Electronic programmable timer
  • Both ovens are energy rated A


  • The large hob burners reach temperature unevenly.

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Flavel Milano ML61CDS


Well within most people’s budget and conveniently sized for the average kitchens, the Flavel Milano ML61CDS offers excellent functionality and a few useful features. The electric hob has a fast-heating, easy to clean ceramic surface. It also provides a fan-assisted, 65-litre main oven, which will cook your food quickly and efficiently.

The separate grill allows you to do two jobs at once and gives you more options than the single cavity options on this list. Both cavities are enamel coated to make cleaning easier as long as you wipe them down regularly. They also feature double-glazed viewing windows so you can get a clear view of your food as it’s cooking.

Forgivably, Milano ML61CDS is a rather plain-looking cooker. The faux stainless-steel exterior isn’t fooling anyone but still matches with the other metal finishes in your kitchen. Be sure to use a gentle hand when moving pots and pans around the hob, too, as the ceramic is prone to scratching.


  • Great price
  • Large 65 litre, fan-assisted oven
  • Double-glazed doors
  • Separate grill
  • Efficient, four-burner, ceramic hob
  • Energy rating A


  • The ceramic hob scratches easily.

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Logik LFTC60W16

7 freestanding electric cookers Logik

The Logik LFTC60W16 is an excellent, entry-level freestanding electric cooker. It features slightly less cooking capacity in exchange for faster, more reliable heating.

Coming complete with two cavities, this cooker’s 65-litre main oven is fan-assisted while its secondary compartment is a separate grill. They are both enamel-coated to make cleaning a little easier and feature double glazed windows. The hob is heated with ceramic elements and has four zones with a wipe-clean surface.

7 freestanding electric cookers Logik LFTC60W16

The main advantage of this cooker is how quickly the ovens, grill, and hob all reach temperature. Some people avoid electric cookers altogether because they’re famously slow. Not the Logik LFTC60W16! If you’re looking for a responsive, dependable cooker then, this is the one for you.


  • 65 litre, fan-assisted main oven with a defrost function
  • Separate grill
  • Fast heating
  • Double glazed viewing windows
  • Four-zone ceramic hob
  • Energy rating A


  • There is no second oven.

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New World 551ETC

7 Freestanding Electric Cookers New World

The market isn’t exactly overflowing with excellent 55cm cookers, but the New World 551ETC is here to fill the void. It is the ideal mid-range cooker for the modern home and will fit into both your kitchen and your lifestyle beautifully.

Let’s be honest; not everyone likes to cook or makes home-cooked meals every day. If that’s the case for you, there’s no need for a cooker with a huge capacity or a million functions. The New World 551ETC features a 59-litre fan-assisted oven and a second smaller oven with an integrated grill. Both grill and oven have an easy-clean, enamel lining for quick cleanup.

Sensible and easy-to-read dials control the oven, grill, and four electric burners. The ceramic hob is hard wearing and can be quickly wiped clean. Each burner heats up fast and all the way to the edges with even heat distribution.

When you need a reliable cooker that won’t require hours to understand its settings, look no further than the New World 551ETC.


  • 55cm wide
  • Main 59 litre, fan-assisted oven
  • Second oven with integrated grill
  • Both ovens are enamel lined
  • Easy to read control dials
  • Four-zone, fast-heating electric hob


  • Less extra features than other models

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Best Budget – Essentials CFSEWH18


Not everyone has the extra cash to spend big on a new cooker. When you need a stove on a tight budget, the Essentials CFSEWH18 is one of the best deals around. Measuring a mere 50cm, this freestanding electric cooker fits comfortable in even the smallest of kitchens.

Despite its compact appearance, this cooker features a spacious 55-litre main oven and a hob with four solid-plate electric burners. The oven also doubles as a high-powered grill when needed. However, you can only use the grill with the oven door closed. To make up for this, the oven includes two shelves with five positions so you can achieve precise results.


The best part about this cooker is its near-silent operation and large main cooking cavity. Even though the CFSEWH18’s hob and the main oven take a while to reach temperature, it still delivers incredible value.


  • Incredible low-price
  • Large 55 litre, single oven
  • Integrated grill
  • Four burner, solid-plate hob
  • Compact size
  • Energy rating A


  • Can be slow to reach temperature

Electric Cookers Vs Gas Cookers

Electric cookers have become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years. This is due to the many benefits they offer over gas cookers. Here are some of the key differences between electric and gas cookers:

1. Cost: Electric cookers are typically cheaper to buy and install than gas cookers. This is because they require less installation work, and there is no need for a gas supply.

2. Efficiency: Electric cookers are more efficient than gas cookers, as they generate less heat loss. This means that they can save you money on your energy bills.

3. Safety: Gas cookers pose a safety risk, as they can produce dangerous fumes if not properly installed or maintained.

4. Oven performance: Gas ovens offer more even cooking than electric ovens. However, with advanced technology, this is becoming less of an issue for most modern electric cookers.

5. Installation: Electric cookers are easier to install.

6. Convenience: Electric cookers are extremely convenient and take less time to reach their optimum cooking temperature compared with some gas models.

7. Noise: Electric cookers tend to be quieter.

Electric Cooker Buyers Considerations

When looking to buy an electric cooker, there are a few key things you need to take into account.

1. Single or double?

Do you need a single oven or a double oven? Double ovens offer more flexibility, as you can cook different dishes simultaneously. However, they are also more expensive, require more space and use more energy.

2. Your budget

How much are you willing to spend on an electric cooker? You can find models starting at around £100/200, but they will not be as efficient or have as many features as more expensive ones.

3. Energy efficiency

One of the most important factors to consider when buying an electric cooker is how energy efficient it is. Some models come with an A rating which is the most energy-efficient available. The worst are G rated and should be avoided as even though they may be cheaper initially, the additional energy costs will soon mount up.

4. Functions

What functions do you need your electric cooker to have? Some come with ovens, hobs and grillers, while others just have one or two of these. If you want a model with all the bells and whistles, be prepared to pay more.

5. Capacity

How much food do you need to cook at once? Electric cookers come in different sizes, so make sure to pick one that’s big enough for your needs. If you often cook for a large family or regularly host dinner parties, go for a model that has a bigger capacity.

6. Design

Finally, think about what design you want your electric cooker to have. Do you want a traditional look with an oven or something to fit with a modern kitchen?

Final Thoughts

As you can see from this range, there are a lot of freestanding electric cookers to choose from. In fact, whilst I may have included 7 variations, there are dozens more I could have included.

But, these are the best in my opinion, so that’s why they are included!

I just wanted to finish up with a little bit of advice when looking to buy your first cooker or even upgrade your cooker.

I’ve stated many times in many different articles that choosing the most expensive or even the cheapest isn’t always the best route.

Freestanding electric cookers are no different. Yes, you get small increases like slightly larger oven sizes, better efficiency, increased heat sources for the hob, but are these worth 1.5x or even 2x the price of the model down?

The sheer number of freestanding electric cookers in the market at the minute states how popular they are. Every manufacturer offers them.

I’m hoping that this article has at least given you some food for thought and given you a look at how these cookers work. If you want more info or think I’ve missed a product that needs to be included, please drop a comment below and I’d happily get back to you.

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