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Electric stoves are an effective and efficient choice, favoured by many home cooks. They are simple to install and only require a standard electricity supply. In addition, they provide consistent even heat and are delightfully easy to clean.

This list of the 5 Best Electric Cookers will prevent you from having to spend hours sorting through hundreds of electric stoves.

Electric cookers offer different traits to those that heat with gas or induction. They can be a little slower to get the hob up and running, but this is often balanced out by the benefits of precise temperature control.

To allow you to find the right cooker, I have split the cookers into different categories. For quick navigation, you will find sections titled best range, best modern, best slim, best all-rounder and best budget.

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Best Electric Cookers

Best Range – Leisure Cookmaster CK100C210K

If you’re not already familiar with Leisure, then you should be. They are essentially a sister company of cooking gods Rangemaster, and offer a similar finish, with a more affordable price point.

The Leisure Cookmaster CK100C210K is a perfect example of that. It is 100cm wide and can be found in two classic colours, including black or cream, both of which look stunning.

Its ceramic top comes with five rings and is one of the best. You also get a generously sized warming plate, which functions pretty well, although it can become a little cramped if you have pans on the hob at the same time.

There are two spacious ovens, one fan and one conventional, but both with a capacity of 58 litres. The main oven features easy clean catalytic liners which cut down on any build-up of grease or grime. The separate 28-litre grill also works well, and the fourth cavity provides a useful space for storage. Included with the package is a grill pan and handle and the entire unit weighs in at around 93kg.

LEISURE Cookmaster CK100C210C

All in all, the Leisure Cookmaster CK100C210K is as good as you are going to find in an electric range. The ceramic top is the star of the show for us, coupled with over 140 litres of cooking space; you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better for the price.


  • Both ovens have an energy rating of A
  • Two 58 litre ovens
  • Catalytic liners
  • Separate 28 litre grill
  • Five zone ceramic hob
  • Grill pan and handle included
  • Classic style


  • Warming plate can feel cramped when the hob is in use.

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Best Modern – Smeg Symphony Ceramic

SMEG Symphony Ceramic Best Electric Cookers

The Smeg range of electric ovens is by far the best looking available today. The Symphony is an electric cooker with a modern finish that matches its style with masses of substance. The stainless-steel front and mirror-like doors create a dramatic effect.

The top offers you four ceramic cooking points, with the bonus of the back right ring being split into two. This is great for larger pots or if you need a little more space for a smaller, extra pan. It’s not a feature we’ve seen on many cookers before, but it’s particularly handy for that small pot of gravy you need to squeeze in for your Sunday roast.

SMEG Symphony Ceramic Best Electric Cookers

The cooking space doesn’t disappoint either, with a 72-litre multi-functional fan-assisted oven that doubles up as a grill. It contains a pyrolytic lining which allows it to reduce any debris to ash before it can be quickly wiped away. The oven gets up to temperature super-quickly, which again is very handy! The temperature control dials are a little fiddly when it comes to practicality, but once used to them, they work just fine.

While the design of the cooker is the standout feature for us, it’s backed up by its feature-rich offerings, even if the price is a little steep!


  • Multi-functional, fully programmable main oven
  • Main oven includes integrated grill
  • Pyrolytic lining for quick and easy cleaning
  • Eye-catching modern appearance
  • Four-zone ceramic hob with one dual-zone burner
  • Fast heating


  • No separate grill or second oven
  • The temperature controls may need getting used to.

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Best Slim – Montpellier MDC500FS

MONTPELLIER MDC500FS Best Electric Cookers

Households that need to save space in their kitchen need to look no further than the Montpellier MDC500FS 50cm Electric cooker.

The Montpellier brand is quickly making itself known in the UK market, their range of functional yet stylish cookers are designed to be affordable alternatives to some of the more well-known brands.

In terms of design, the almost gun-metal finish is one we love and ideal for an assortment of kitchens. We think that this colour combination is perfect for slimline cookers because it gives off a quality feel without being too intrusive in a small kitchen.

MONTPELLIER MDC500FS Best Electric Cookers

The hob has four well-spaced ceramic heaters, that easily match many 60cm stoves for ease of use and functionality. It offers some seriously fast heating, and while it packs quite the same power as some of the broader model’s due to power, it’s more than enough for even the most dedicated home cook.

The oven space in total adds up to exactly 85 litres split 54/31 between the top and bottom oven. The main oven is your typical fan oven, while the second oven is conventional, and doubles as a super-hot, integrated grill.

For a slim cooker, the Montpellier MDC500FS packs a punch and can easily take on the bigger boys, even with its limited size.


  • Energy rating A
  • Interior light in the main oven
  • Enamel coated oven for easier cleaning
  • Four-burner ceramic hob
  • One 54 litre oven and a 31 litre oven/grill combo


  • Not quite as powerful as larger models

Best All-rounder – Rangemaster Classic 60

We couldn’t create a list of the best electric cookers and not include Rangemaster, right? Right!

The Rangemaster Classic 60 is one of the best that we have tested to date. It just does everything really, really well. It’s even reasonably priced – for Rangemaster – which is an added bonus.

First off is the design. It comes in cream and black, which is pretty much standard these days for Rangemaster, but both look great. The cream is more of a country feel, and the black is more of a modern feel, so should suit a wide variety of tastes.


The hob has four clever ceramic options, with each serving a purpose. They work well for all needs, including boiling, simmering, frying and sautéing, depending on size and the power that you need.

The Classic 60 has two compartments, one with a capacity of 61 litres and the other with 38 litres, both of which are more than ample. The main oven is multi-functional and fan-assisted, with the added bonus of a fast-cool feature. The top oven can be used as a conventional oven or a quality grill. Both cavities feature catalytic liners which reduce the amount of dirt and grime that accumulates and makes cleaning simple.

Without being too much of a Rangemaster ‘fanboy,’ it has to be said that this is another triumph in the ‘Classic’ range and is the best 60cm electric stove you’re likely to find. 


  • Impressive appearance
  • Fan-assisted, 61 litre main oven
  • Fast-cool oven setting
  • 38 litre oven/grill combo
  • Main oven energy rating A
  • Second oven energy rating B
  • The main oven has an interior light
  • Both ovens have easy clean catalytic liners


  • Rangemasters often command a price that may be beyond many budgets.

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Best Budget – Flavel Milano ML61CDS

FLAVEL Milano ML61CDS Best Electric Cookers

Flavel has been able to create one of the best cookers for under £300 with the Flavel Milano ML61CDS. The brand is one that is taking this sector of the industry by storm, so if it’s one you are not yet familiar with, you soon will be.

The cooker comes in an effective silver and chrome finish which looks like it belongs on a cooker with a much higher price tag. The ceramic hob comes with four burners, and I found that they tend to heat up reasonably quickly. If I had to be critical, I would say the spacing could be a little more generous, especially when using three or more of the hobs, but being careful in your choice of cookware will help here.

The fan oven comes in at 65 litres, which is one of the best you will find at this price point. It is coated in enamel to make cleaning easier, and the glass is double glazed to contain the heat and reduce any noise from the fan.

FLAVEL Milano ML61CDS Best Electric Cookers

The separate grill is variable and provides more than enough space to cook thick chops or even finish the tops of omelettes or other dishes. Although I would have liked it to have functioned as a top oven as well, this is one of this cooker’s very few downsides.

The A energy rating, 60cm size, four ceramic hobs, good cooking space and overall good looks of the Flavel Milano ML61CDS makes it our budget electric cooker of choice.


  • Great value
  • 65 litre ceramic coated main oven
  • Fan-assisted
  • Double glazed oven door
  • Spacious, variable grill
  • Four-zone, ceramic hob


  • No second oven

Electric Cookers Vs Gas Cookers

Electric cookers have become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years. This is due to the many benefits they offer over gas cookers. Here are some of the key differences between electric and gas cookers:

1. Cost: Electric cookers are typically cheaper to buy and install than gas cookers. This is because they require less installation work, and there is no need for a gas supply.

2. Efficiency: Electric cookers are more efficient than gas cookers, as they generate less heat loss. This means that they can save you money on your energy bills.

3. Safety: Gas cookers pose a safety risk, as they can produce dangerous fumes if not properly installed or maintained.

4. Oven performance: Gas ovens offer more even cooking than electric ovens. However, with advanced technology, this is becoming less of an issue for most modern electric cookers.

5. Installation: Electric cookers are easier to install.

6. Convenience: Electric cookers are extremely convenient and take less time to reach their optimum cooking temperature compared with some gas models.

7. Noise: Electric cookers tend to be quieter.

Electric Cooker Buyers Considerations

When looking to buy an electric cooker, there are a few key things you need to take into account.

1. Single or double?

Do you need a single oven or a double oven? Double ovens offer more flexibility, as you can cook different dishes simultaneously. However, they are also more expensive, require more space and use more energy.

2. Your budget

How much are you willing to spend on an electric cooker? You can find models starting at around £100/200, but they will not be as efficient or have as many features as more expensive ones.

3. Energy efficiency

One of the most important factors to consider when buying an electric cooker is how energy efficient it is. Some models come with an A rating which is the most energy-efficient available. The worst are G rated and should be avoided as even though they may be cheaper initially, the additional energy costs will soon mount up.

4. Functions

What functions do you need your electric cooker to have? Some come with ovens, hobs and grillers, while others just have one or two of these. If you want a model with all the bells and whistles, be prepared to pay more.

5. Capacity

How much food do you need to cook at once? Electric cookers come in different sizes, so make sure to pick one that’s big enough for your needs. If you often cook for a large family or regularly host dinner parties, go for a model that has a bigger capacity.

6. Design

Finally, think about what design you want your electric cooker to have. Do you want a traditional look with an oven or something to fit with a modern kitchen?

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