Best Cookers for Under £600

So, you’re looking to find out the best cookers under £600?

First off, congratulations! You’ve got a really solid budget in which you can find potentially the cooker of your dreams.

Second, I’m hoping that as I’ve been your situation multiple times for friends, family and clients, I can offer you a fair amount of guidance on what’s looking good value right now.

I think at around the £300 – £600 mark you’re getting into a really good sweet spot of cookers to choose. Yes, I know it’s possible to spend thousands of pounds on a new cooker, but for the majority of us, we don’t need to.

In fact, I think that people often overspend on these items, chasing the current trends and also those big-name brands, such as Rangemaster, Stoves and so on.

The reality is that you’re often paying for exactly that; the name. There is a certain amount of quality that comes with the bigger names, this is a reputation they’ve been able to build.

But, the cookers in this price point are just as good for probably 90% homes. They not only offer great value, but the best cookers under £600 will fall into a bracket that most of you can relate to.

Best Cookers for Under £600

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Electric – BEKO BDVC674MS 60cm

The Beko BDVC674MS may be the least expensive cooker on this list but it still has plenty to offer, starting with its two sizeable ovens. The main fan-assisted oven sports a 69L capacity, while the second conventional oven holds up to 36L and doubles as a variable electric grill. Cook your whole meal at once, using the main oven for a roast while a cake bakes in the top oven. Both ovens use triple-glazed removable glass doors for safer operation and easier cleaning.

Beko BDVC674MS

This electric cooker’s ceramic stove top fits four total Rapidlite hob zones in two sizes, large and small. Although not quite as fast as an induction cooker, these hobs reach temperature quickly and efficiently compared to other electric cookers. Hot hob indicators remain lit until the surface is safe to touch, too, ensuring yours and your family’s safety.

Beko BDVC674MS

Cosmetically, the Beko BDVC674MS looks much more expensive than it really is. That facade is broken for some customers when the silver paint begins to chip off the face of this cooker. The Beko BDVC674MS’s glossy exterior is also a smudge-magnet. You may spend more time chasing fingerprints with this cooker than you’d like, but these are small problems that can easily be overlooked in lieu of the Beko BDVC674MS’s excellent performance.


With the Beko XTC653W 60 cm Electric Ceramic Cooker cooking is a breeze, as you have a wide array of options to prepare for company or just yourself.

£349.99 £389.99

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For some home chefs, nothing competes with a gas cooker. The Belling FSG 60 is an attractive an affordable gas cooker that gives you the pleasure of cooking over live flames and a whole lot more.


Starting with the all-important gas stove top, the FSG 60 features four manual ignition hobs. Unfortunately, enamel pan supports are rather thin and prone to clattering against your pans. They are, at least, dishwasher safe. It’s easy to forgive this problem since the FSG 60 comes complete with a protective glass stove lid. Keeping the lid down expands your counter space and helps keep the hobs clean. Gas is automatically shut off when the lid is down, too, making this my favorite feature.


The FSG 60 uses two ovens, including the large 69L main oven and 39L secondary oven. The secondary oven also works as an integrated variable grill.  With two shelves and five possible positions, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to placing food in the main oven. Enamel liners make cleanup quick and easy, as do the removable double glazed windows.

Note that the FSG 60 stove top requires manual ignition. Look to the two dual fuel cookers below if you prefer hobs with automatic ignition.


Enjoy everyday cooking with the freestanding 60 cm wide black Belling FSG60DOP Gas Cooker.


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Dual Fuel – KENWOOD CK232DFA

The Kenwood CK232DFA is the perfect middle ground for many families’ needs. As a dual fuel cooker, you’ll enjoy four gas hobs, including a large triple-ring wok burner, as well as two mid-sized electric ovens. That’s the sort of versatility modern families need to make stir-fry one night and shepherd’s pie the next.


Speaking of the modern family, this cooker’s contemporary design matches perfectly with other new appliances. The glass and stainless steel exterior is easy to keep clean, while weighty metal knobs give this cooker a sophisticated finish. I also appreciate the large cast-iron pan supports, which feel and look just as well-made as the rest of this fine cooker.


Continuing in the theme of versatility, the Kenwood CK232DFA’s 59L main oven is fan-assisted for quick and even cooking. It includes two shelves with four total positions to cook dishes of all sizes. The secondary 37L conventional oven doubles as a grill. Kenwood have really considered user experience here, including a light in both ovens for added convenience.

My major complaint with this cooker is that it lacks a glass lid. This may be a big problem if you’re already limited on counter space. Not everyone will make use of the wok burner, either. This cooker is best for those who cook often and like to experiment.


The freestanding Kenwood CK232DFA Dual Fuel Cooker brings together two spacious ovens, a grill, three gas hobs and a wok burner, readying you for any meal time.


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Induction – BELLING FSE 60 DOTi

Induction cooking technology gets cheaper every year, and now you can get a great induction cooker like the Belling FSE 60 for under £600. This cooker gives you two roomy electric ovens, an integrated full-width grill, and a gorgeous induction stove top for the quickest, most even home cooking.


Both the 65L fan-assisted main oven and 37L secondary oven have low-maintenance enamel liners. Although this cooker comes with a grill pan, it lacks a handle, which is a sore spot for many customers. Buying your own grill pan handle is a pain, but I do like this grill’s multiple functions and fast results.

On to the stove top, the FSE 60’s four induction hobs are quiet and lightening quick. Bring pots of water to boil in under 4-minutes or bring pans to searing temp almost instantaneously. The placement of rings could be better though, since it’s tough to fit two large pots on the same row of this cook top.


Pans may also overlap the hob controls, which are located on the cook top. These controls are at least elegant, responsive, and easy to use.

If you’ve always wanted an induction cooker, now’s the time to make the change! The Belling FSE 60 is a great entry-level introduction to fast, efficient induction cooking.


With nine pre-set functions including conventional heat, fan, intensive bake, and fan grilling, the Belling FSE 60 MFTi Electric Cooker provides the ideal settings to roast, crisp ...


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Range – KENWOOD CK305-1

Two ovens are all well and good, but when you need to make big meals for big families, you need a big oven to get the job done. The Kenwood CK305-1 range cooker features an enormous 118L single oven with integrated variable electric grill. Cook massive turkeys, whole roasts, bulk batches of cookies, and anything else you can imagine in this fan-assisted oven. Temperature remains even despite this oven’s large space so that dishes on every level are cooked properly.

In addition to the extra large oven, the Kenwood CK305-1 uses five total gas hobs including wok burner. Robust cast-iron pan supports are some of the strongest I’ve ever seen, making this cooker even bigger. Pots won’t rattle or wobble on these amazing supports.

If I could change anything about the CK305-1, I’d make the knob indicators bolder and brighter. I also wish that the oven window was triple-glazed instead of double-glazed. That small change would make this cooker more energy efficient and would keep the glass cooler to the touch. Even with these issues, the CK305-1 is a life saver for big, busy families.


Finished in a stylish chrome and black, the Kenwood CK305-1 Dual Fuel Range Cooker offers astounding cooking space both in its oven and on the hob.

£549.99 £599.99

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Final thoughts

So, there you have it. The 5 best cookers that you can get for under £600…. IMO.

One of the things that I really hope you took from this is just how much you can get for your money from these products.

Take the Belling FSE 60 for example. How many of you thought that not only could you get one of the best induction hobs on the market, from one of the best brands in Belling, all for under £600?

I think that around this price point you’re going to be hitting so many people’s lifestyle and the cookers are pretty much faultless. They do everything you could ever need from a domestic kitchen.

OK, so you may not quite have the energy ratings that the £1,000+ cookers have, and you might not have an extra wok burner, but just make sure you recycle more and invest in a really good wok that gets super-hot, saving you over £400 in the process!

Hopefully you found this article of use and also were able to highlight a few products that I think are the best cookers for under £600 right now. If you need any advice or you think there is one I’ve missed off, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

Paul has been working in the electrical and large-appliance industry for over a decade, alongside some of the biggest manufacturers in the world. Whilst taking on his own kitchen renovation in 2017, he saw that there was a lack of quality cooker reviews and took it upon himself to make it his job to create a site that offered in-depth and independent advice for other potential consumers.

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