Best Cookers for Under £600

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So, you’re looking to find out the best cookers under £600?

First off, congratulations! You’ve got a really solid budget with which you can find potentially the cooker of your dreams.

Second, I’m hoping that given my background in this industry, I can offer you a fair amount of guidance on what’s looking good value right now.

At the £300 – £600 mark you’ve got some great cookers to choose from. Yes, I know it’s possible to spend thousands of pounds on a new cooker, but in most cases, there’s no need to.

At this price point, you’re likely to find a well-made cooker with a few extra features and the versatility to deal with anything you want to cook. Not only do the best cookers under £600 offer great value, but they are also likely to be durable and straightforward to use.

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Best Cookers for Under £600

Electric – Hotpoint Ultima DUE61BC

Best cookers under £600 Hotpoint Ultima

The Hotpoint Ultima DUE61BC is the ideal mid-range electric cooker for the modern home and will fit into both your kitchen and your lifestyle beautifully. Its sleek modern style will bring out the best in any kitchen and behind the black exterior is a solidly built stove with excellent functionality.

This isn’t a stove with a huge cooking capacity or a million extras, but it more than makes up for that in fast-efficient cooking. It features a spacious 71 litre fan-assisted oven and second smaller 39 litre oven with integrated grill. Both grill and oven have triple glazed, cool touch doors and easy-clean, catalytic liners.

Sensible and easy-to-read dials control the oven, grill, and four electric burners. The ceramic hob is hard wearing and can be quickly wiped clean. Each burner heats up fast and all the way to the edges with even heat distribution.

When you need a reliable cooker that won’t require hours to understand its settings, look no further than the Hotpoint Ultima DUE61BC.


  • 60cm wide
  • Main 71 litre, fan-assisted oven
  • Second oven with integrated grill
  • Both ovens have catalytic liners and triple glazed cool touch doors
  • Easy to read control dials
  • Four-zone, fast-heating electric hob


  • Less extra features than other models

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Gas – Leisure CLA60GAC

Best cookers under £600 Leisure CLA60GAC

The Leisure CLA60GAC is classically stylish with clean lines and large pull-down oven doors. It comes complete with a four-burner gas hob, main oven and secondary grill/oven combo.

This is a cooker that gives you ample space and boasts of a choice of hob sizes, including one small, one large and two medium. It also has a vital safety feature that offers assurance that no gas can leak from the pilots while the lid is down. As if that wasn’t enough, they will get your pans to temperature quickly and feature extra durable, cast-iron pan holders.

The two ovens offer a combined capacity of over 110 litres making this an ideal choice for producing large meals or cooking several dishes simultaneously. They also come with catalytic liners which reduce the need for cleaning and just require a wipe down to return to their sparkling glory. The main oven has a generously-sized double-glazed viewing window, and inside there is a useful internal light to let you check on the progress of each culinary masterpiece.

The Leisure CLA60GAC offers A+ rated energy efficiency in the main oven and an A rating in the secondary oven. With its smart appearance and large double ovens, this is a fine cooker for any home.


  • The ovens have catalytic liners
  • 78 litre main oven
  • Energy rating A+/A
  • 34 litre oven/grill
  • Four-burner gas hob
  • LED Display
  • Automatic gas shutoff
  • Cast-iron pan supports


  • The hob has manual ignition

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Induction -Hotpoint HUI614K

Hotpoint HUI614K

The energy-efficient Hotpoint HUI614K features a four-zone, touch control, induction hob and two ovens, both of which can double as a grill. Between them, you get over 100 litres of oven capacity and the ability to cook on two distinct temperature settings at the same time.

Both ovens include catalytic liners for quick cleaning and use triple-glazed windows to prevent any heat from escaping while you cook. The full-sized, fan-heated main oven has an individual capacity of 71 litres, whilst the second has 39 litres.

Four induction hobs complete this cooker. Hobs come in two sizes, large and small and they only take a few seconds longer to reach temperature than the more expensive models found here. There’s sometimes an audible clicking when the hobs fire up, but that’s typical for induction cookers.

Touch buttons control the hobs and should be wiped clean regularly to keep them working effectively. A regular complaint of touch button hobs like this is that they can be quick to get scratched or stained. However, with a little attention and careful use, you can reduce the likelihood of this happening.

The Hotpoint HUI614K is an excellent induction cooker, particularly if you’re on a budget. It will fit most standard cooker spaces with its size of 60cm wide, 60cm deep and 90cm high. To give you extra peace of mind, it comes with a warranty that covers any labour required for one year and parts for ten.


  • Over 100 litres of oven capacity
  • Both ovens double as a grill
  • Four touch-controlled induction plates
  • Catalytic coating in both ovens
  • One-year labour and ten years parts warranty
  • Energy rating A
  • Great value


  • The touch controls can damage easily without the appropriate care.
  • It is slightly slower to reach temperature than more expensive models.

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Dual Fuel – Kenwood CK306 90cm

Best Dual Fuel Range Cookers Kenwood CK306

The Kenwood CK306 is a dual fuel range that exceeds all expectations with its extra-large oven, quality gas hob, and low-maintenance design.

This 90cm wide cooker features just one oven with an enormous 118 litre capacity. You will be able to cook 25lb (11kg) turkey or fully dressed ham with room to spare in this spacious fan-assisted oven. It also comes with a full width integrated grill which gives you a huge amount of space to grill even the most substantial items. The oven can also be set to eco or defrost functions. It has an A energy rating and comes fitted with heatproof double-glazed viewing window.

Moving on to the spacious five-burner gas hob, the Kenwood CK306 features some of my favourite cast-iron pan supports. They are easy to clean and will keep your cookware a smart distance away from the flame. Stainless steel hob wells catch spills brilliantly and are easy to wipe clean after cooking. The burners themselves are responsive and will get your food to temperature quickly and evenly.

This is a range with an incredible price, but it’s not been made cheaply, it’s well built and effective. It’s well built with enough features to keep you and your family well-fed for many years. The only drawback for me is that although the integrated grill is large and effective, sometimes you don’t need all that space. If it had featured a separate grill, the Kenwood CK306 would be close to perfection.


  • Huge 118 litre main oven
  • Integrated grill
  • Five burner gas hob
  • Easy to clean pan supports
  • Double glazed viewing window
  • Incredible value for money


  • Would benefit from a separate grill or second smaller oven.

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Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. The four best cookers that you can get for under £600.

One of the things that I hope you took from this is just how much you can get for this amount of money. Take the Kenwood CK360 for example, before reading this list I doubt you thought you could get a 90cm range cooker of such quality for less than £600.

At this price, these cookers will likely be able to provide you with everything you need for everyday home cooking. It’s also unlikely you’ll have any problems with the build quality, and you may even find one with an appearance that makes it the focal point of your kitchen.

Hopefully, you found this article of use and were able to highlight a few products to investigate further. If you need any advice or you think there is one I’ve missed off, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

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