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Ranges are the most sought-after cooker style, they’re spacious, impressive to look at and offer numerous extra features. Unfortunately, they’re also the most expensive.

While any range cooker will stretch your budget to its max, as they’ve become more popular they’ve also become more affordable. This list will help you find the best range cookers that have either great prices or offer unbeatable value.

Previously, range cookers were only found in the kitchens of large farmhouses or restaurants. Now, they occupy pride of place in many homes. 

Because there are now so many to choose from, selecting the right cooker for your home can be overwhelming. To make the process easier, I’ve looked at hundreds of the latest models and selected those that will offer you the best value.

For some extra support with your choice, read my article 9 questions you need to answer before buying a range cooker.

To narrow down my selection I considered many different factors including build quality, usability, versatility, design and price. The list is organised into the most common sizes to make it easier for you to find a model that will fit the space you have available.

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Best Value & Cheap Range Cookers

Best Value 90cm Range Cookers – LEISURE Cookmaster CK90F232K

Leisure CK90F232K Best Value Range Cookers


The dual fuel LEISURE Cookmaster CK90F232K represents great overall value. With two large electric ovens, a variable grill, and spacious, responsive gas hob, this cooker is the perfect blend of style and functionality.

The Cookmaster features two fan-assisted electric ovens for fast, even cooking. Together they provide an incredible 124 litres of cooking space. Both ovens have been rated A for energy efficiency. All three cavities, including the grill, heat up fast and cook food quickly.

This stately 90cm range is well-suited to both traditional and modern kitchens and is available black, red, or cream to match any decor. Smart details, like metal knobs and door handles really add to its luxurious look.

It’s also particularly easy to keep clean. All surfaces wipe clean with a damp cloth, while hob wells are deep enough to catch any spills before they spread. As a bonus, both low-maintenance ovens include catalytic liners, which is rare to see in such a well-priced cooker.

Of course, there are some small issues. The ovens and grill are quick and energy efficient but also loud. The fans will continue after you are done cooking, so, if this noise bothers you then this may not be the one for you. Also, be aware that the secondary oven is quite slim and may not fit all your standard-sized pans. However, overall, the LEISURE Cookmaster CK90F232K is a great range that will make a wonderful addition to any kitchen.


  • Two fan-assisted electric ovens and a separate grill
  • Combined oven capacity of 124 litres
  • Five ring gas hob with a large wok burner
  • Sturdy pan supports
  • Catalytic oven liners
  • Energy rating A/A


  • It can be loud when the fan ovens are working.
  • The second oven may be narrower than you’re used to.

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BELLING Kensington 90E Electric Ceramic Range

Kensington 90E Best Value Range Cookers

If the first range on our list doesn’t strike your fancy, perhaps the BELLING Kensington 90E will pique your interest. This all-electric range features a more modern face with sleek lines and shiny chrome details alongside a flat ceramic cook-top. It also boasts of an easy to use LED touch control programmer and clock-timer.

The differences go beyond design, however, as this one offers more oven space in the same 90cm width. You get a wider secondary oven to fit standard-sized pans, a larger main oven, and even a third oven mini oven that doubles as a grill. With over 180 litres of total oven volume, you have space for the largest multi-dish feasts.

Both large ovens are multifunctional and include fan-assisted baking, slow cooking and defrost settings. Despite their large size, they come with an A energy ratings and heat up in just minutes. One issue, however, is that the small conventional oven/grill cooks unevenly. I’m also disappointed that all three ovens come with enamel interiors. It would have been good to see at least the largest oven fitted with catalytic liners.

Less expensive electric ranges are known for having weak, inaccurate hobs that don’t hold temperature, but that’s not that case with this one. The 5-zone ceramic cook-top is wonderfully responsive and can maintain its heat throughout long cooking sessions.

For those with large families or frequent guests, this range cooker offers the copious oven and hob space you need for cooking multiple dishes at once. Having more space simplifies cooking large meals, and you can depend on the BELLING Kensington 90E to provide dependable results with highly accurate temperatures. These features and more make this one of the best value 90cm ranges available today.


  • Two fan-assisted electric ovens and a conventional oven/grill
  • Combined oven capacity of over 180 litres
  • Several oven functions including slow-cook and defrost
  • Five ring ceramic hob 
  • Stylish modern appearance
  • LED and touch controls
  • Responsive, accurate heating
  • Energy rating A


  • The conventional oven grill cooks unevenly
  • It would be preferable to have catalytic liners in the ovens.

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Best Value 100cm – BELLING Kensington 100G Gas Range

Kensington 100G Best Value Range Cookers

The BELLING Kensington 100G is a robust, no-nonsense gas cooker designed for those who love the power and dependability of gas over electric. While remaining energy efficient and easy to use, this 100cm range provides heavy-duty, powerful burners and ovens that reach temperature in record time.

Each of the seven hob burners comes with removable, easy-to-clean cast-iron pan support. They don’t rattle while you cook and will keep your pots and pans steady. They also look sturdy and add to the cooker’s overall appearance. Each burner is well positioned and provides a generous space between it and the next so that pots and pans will never be crowded. 

The BELLING Kensington 100G comes with twin 64 litre ovens. Since both are full-sized, you will have no problem fitting in standard-sized pans or large single dishes. They also come with large viewing windows and bright interior lights which make it easier to monitor your meals as they cook. The third cavity is a high-powered grill that fits whole dishes inside for more versatile cooking options. Finally, the fourth cavity offers storage for your bulky pots and pans.

Gas ovens are often looked on less favourably than electric ovens with fan-assistance. However, while you won’t get the extra fast baking of some electric systems, I was pleased to find that both main ovens cook surprisingly evenly. Overall, it’s easy to overlook this range’s minimal faults when you consider its tank-like construction and exceptional hob.


  • Two conventional gas ovens, separate grill and a pan storage cupboard.
  • 128 litres of oven space
  • Seven ring gas hob 
  • Stunning cream and chrome finish
  • LED screen, dials and touch controls
  • Energy rating A


  • The gas ovens won’t match the speed of an electric oven with fan-assistance
  • It would be preferable to have catalytic liners in the ovens.

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Best Value 110cm – LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X 110cm

Cuisinemaster Best Value Range Cookers

When it comes to cheap range cookers, the LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X dominates the budget models. Although it’s one of the cheapest 110cm ranges on the market, this dual-fuel model offers the features and extensive versatility you’d expect of more expensive models.

This fact is no more evident than when you look at the triple-oven setup. With over 150 litres of volume between all three ovens, you can cook entire feasts to perfection without any space limitations. From bulk baking to make-your-own-pizza, this range makes it easy to create big meals all at once with no waiting. And, unlike other cheap range cookers, it also provides a fan-assisted secondary oven in addition to the multifunction main oven. The third, smallest oven uses conventional heating, but that’s to be expected. In addition, you get a useful separate electric, 38 litre grill.

Incredibly, all three ovens earned an A energy rating. They all also feature bright interior lights to help you monitor your meals. Large viewing windows are double- or triple-glazed to help keep heat inside the oven instead of leeching out into your kitchen. As if all that weren’t enough, the main and secondary ovens come complete with low-maintenance catalytic liners. 

The five-zone gas hob includes a wok burner and heavy-duty cast-iron pan supports. You also get an electric griddle plate which can be used for all sorts of applications from searing meat to cooking eggs. While you have several options on this cooktop, I would prefer to have additional normal sized burners than the wok burner or griddle. If you want to have several saucepans on the go, in some situations it can feel as if you’re back cooking on a small 60cm model.

While this is a well-made, effective cooker its easy to see that money has been saved by creating a simple finish with cheap knobs and attachments. The knobs are made of thin plastic and the stainless steel marks very easily. 

Minor design flaws aside, the LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X remains an ideal pick for any home. 


  • Over 150 litres of oven space
  • One multifunction oven
  • One fan assisted oven
  • One conventional oven
  • 38 litre separate grill
  • Two fan-assisted ovens, a separate grill and a pan storage cupboard.
  • Five ring gas hob including a wok burner
  • Additional electric hot plate
  • Modern black and chrome finish
  • Main and second oven feature catalytic liners
  • Programmable timer
  • Energy rating A


  • The stainless steel finish marks easily
  • The knobs and handles don’t match the quality of the rest of the cooker 

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Best Cheap 90cm – Kenwood CK406 Dual Fuel 90cm

Kenwood CK406 Best budget Range Cooker

The Kenwood CK 406 offers a seriously good option for those looking for a dual fuel range cooker that won’t break the bank. While it won’t win any big awards for design or additional features, it is a simply presented model that will fit in with most kitchens décor. Using a combination of slick black and stainless steel highlights, it looks clean and reliable. 

It’s well built, complementing its solid-looking finish with some sturdy doors and smooth functioning dials – suggesting a high degree of durability in conjunction with its decent functionality. It comes with two large, enamel-coated, electric ovens with integrated grills. The main 70 litre oven also benefits from fan assistance to ensure even cooking throughout.

On top, you have five gas rings, including a wok burner, with cast iron supports to hold even the weightiest cookware. Despite only being relatively small for a range, the hob is set up to give you plenty of space. You’ll find it easy to have several pans going at once without feeling overcrowded.

While the CK406 isn’t the largest or fanciest option on this list, it is a solid and durable cooker that has with everything you will need daily.


  • Two ovens with integrated grills
  • Enamel oven coating
  • Main oven energy rating B
  • Second oven energy rating A
  • Five gas burners
  • Wok burner
  • Excellent value for money


  • Simple design
  • No separate grill

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KENWOOD CK306SL 90cm Dual Fuel

Best value cheap range cookers Kenwood CK306SL

If you need lots of oven and hob space but your budget won’t stretch far, the Kenwood CK306SL could be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a 90cm, dual-fuel range that’s built to last. However, at this price, you lose some of the features found on the more expensive models. 

The main concession is the single oven cavity, but if you can manage with that, then this is a solid cooker with several decent functions. The large electric oven has a 118 litre capacity and an integrated, full-width grill. While you’ll have more space than you’ll need, the problem is that you’ll need to heat such a large space even for small dishes. Luckily it has an energy rating of A which will help keep any additional costs down.

On the hob, you get five spacious gas burners arranged in an intuitive configuration. The large wok burner takes a central position making it easy to adjust your smaller pans on the sides when cooking multi-dish meals. The auto-ignition system ensures it’s simple to get started and the flame supervision feature will automatically cut off the gas should any of the flames be blown out.

You also get a handy storage compartment under the oven that’s ideal for storing pots, pans or oven trays. The oven itself is enamel coated, which doesn’t make cleaning as easy as catalytic liners do but at this price, it’s what you can expect and is still likely to make the job slightly easier.

Despite a few small issues, this cheap range offers incredible value. The stainless steel and matt black finish is smart and if you wipe it down regularly, it’ll look great in any kitchen. I was also impressed at the build quality; it doesn’t have the cheap flimsy parts you’d expect at something of this price. If you can cope with having a single cooking cavity, then the Kenwood CK306SL is an absolute bargain.


  • Maximum airflow rate: 669 cubic metres per hour
  • Three speeds plus intensive
  • Black and brushed steel finish
  • Two bright LED lights
  • Touch controls
  • Only reaches 60dB
  • Energy rating B


  • The price will be beyond some budgets.
  • The carbon filter required for recirculation is sold separately.


If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen creating multi dish meals, a range cooker could be a good investment. They’re solidly built and are likely to last longer than most smaller models. Hopefully, you’ve seen from this list that while they are always expensive, with careful selection, you can get more for your money than you expected.

If you’ve found this list useful or you’ve had experience with any of these models – I would love to hear about them – so drop me a comment, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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