Best Dual Fuel Range Cookers

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Choosing the best dual fuel range cooker for your home kitchen is no easy task. Ranges are generally more expensive than your standard freestanding cooker and the number of models to choose from is rapidly increasing. By selecting a dual fuel version, you’re getting the best of both worlds, with the responsive heat of a gas hob and the even cooking ability of a fan-assisted electric oven.

The benefit of there being more dual fuel ranges on the market than ever before is that there is more competition between brands. As a result, the top brands have dropped their prices and improved the fixtures and fittings you get with each cooker.

Brands such as Rangemaster, Smeg and Belling were previously considered as the elite end of the market. While they still offer incredible cookers with impeccable quality, many of their products are now more affordable and accessible to those with a modest budget.

So, sit tight and let’s take a closer look at the best Dual Fuel Range cookers available in the UK today.

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Best Dual Fuel Range Cookers

Rangemaster Kitchener 90cm

RANGEMASTER Kitchener 90

Thoughtfully designed and ultimately practical, the Rangemaster Kitchener 90 is ideal for home cooks who value craftsmanship. The quality of this cooker is evident from top to bottom, starting with its full-length chrome handles and attractive glossy finish. Whether you choose this cooker in Black, Cream, or Stainless Steel, the exterior is easy to keep looking at its best.

RANGEMASTER Kitchener 90

The gas hob has five burners of different sizes, including one extra-large wok burner. They also feature manual ignition which works effectively and will have you ready to cook in next to no time. Unfortunately, you may find that some of the hob parts are difficult to get clean, For example, the cast-iron pan supports are well-balanced and heavy, but their shape means that it’ll be hard to rid of them of greases and grime completely. The burner caps and wells are also tricky to get spotless.

RANGEMASTER Kitchener 90

Underneath there are two roomy, fan-assisted, electric ovens and a separate electric grill. The main oven has a capacity of 79 litres and comes with two shelves and a choice of seven positions. The second oven is slightly smaller at 67 litres, and both have doors that open to the side. The main oven has a catalytic liner to make cleaning easier and the second is lined in enamel. To keep the heat where it’s supposed to be while also allowing you to see your food as it cooks, the viewing window is triple glazed. The grill is 25 litres and has glide-out runners to make it quick and easy to use.

Rangemaster are at the top of their game, and this 90cm wide dual fuel range is a great example of what they can offer. It’s durable, reliable and can deliver luxury cooking without relying on a host of unnecessary extras.


  • Quality finish with chrome handles
  • Large five-burner hob with an extra-large wok-burner
  • Manual hob ignition
  • Fan-assisted, 79 litre main oven
  • Fan assisted 67 litre second oven
  • Catalytic liner in the main oven
  • Enamel liner in the second oven
  • 25 litre separate glide-out grill
  • Triple glazed viewing window
  • LED display
  • Electric programmable timer


  • Burner caps and pan supports are tricky to clean.

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Smeg BM93BL 90cm


The BM93BL is another incredible range from Smeg. It’s more understated in appearance than other Smeg cookers but still looks incredible in its matt black and stainless-steel finish. Not only does this model deliver everything you’d expect from a quality cooker, but it also excels when it comes to the small details.

With this 90cm range, you get enough cooking space for large family meals or holiday feasts. It features two fan-assisted ovens and one separate, 41 litre electric grill. Both main and secondary ovens have a capacity of 62 litres and feature easy-clean enamel linings. The main oven also features a large double glazed viewing window to let you check on the progress of your cooking while keeping the heat in.

On top, you’ll find a five-burner gas hob with sturdy, cast-iron pan supports. Each burner is topped with a smart, black enamel cap and starts via automatic ignition. They are also fitted with flame supervision devices that will automatically stop the gas supply should the flame ever get blown out.


When you look closer at the finish you can see how well done it is, the dials have a nice weight and all controls are clearly marked and easy to read. Although it would’ve been useful to have some extra settings in the main oven, this is still an incredibly functional cooker with excellent attention to detail.


  • Two large 62 litre ovens
  • Enamel oven linings
  • Main oven energy rating A
  • Second oven energy rating B
  • 41 litre separate grill
  • Five-burner hob
  • Cast-iron pan supports
  • Automatic ignition
  • Flame supervision safety device
  • Double glazed oven window
  • Quality finish and clearly marked controls


  • At this price, it would be good to have catalytic oven liners.

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Leisure Cuisinemaster CS110F722X 110cm

LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X

The 110cm Leisure Cuisinemaster CS110F722X is a beast of a cooker and features cutting-edge facilities for serious home cooks and master bakers. Get ready for unlimited freedom in the kitchen with 150 litres of total oven capacity, a separate grill, and dual fuel hob.

Jumping right in, each of this cooker’s three ovens serves different functions, allowing you to cook multiple dishes at once, all at different temperatures and with varying modes of cooking. The large 65 litre multi-functional main oven offers plenty of useful modes, but my favourite is 3D cooking. This ensures that even the thickest roasts and richest deserts cook wholly and thoroughly.

LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X

The 58 litre fan-assisted oven is ideal for batch baking or preparing sides to complement the main dish. Finally, the third conventional oven is great for making baked potatoes or other simple snacks. All cavities are easily accessible via big fold-down doors, each with large viewing windows so you can keep a check on the progress of your meal. A separate electric grill measures 38 litres and provides incredible fast heating.

Like the ovens, this cooker’s hob provides for your every need with five gas burners and cast-iron pan supports. The gas burners come in all different sizes, including an extra-large wok burner, so you can achieve ultimate control over the temperature of your dishes.

This is a cooker with loads of cooking space and will be ideal for a busy kitchen. Its main drawback is that all though it works to an incredibly high-standard it doesn’t have the eye-catching appeal of some of the other brands like Smeg or Rangemaster. However, if functionality and oven space is your thing, then you can’t go wrong with the Leisure Cuisinemaster CS110F722X.


  • Four large cooking cavities including three ovens and a separate grill
  • Some cavities feature catalytic liners; the others are lined with enamel
  • Multiple oven modes including 3D heating
  • Five burner gas hob
  • Cast-iron pan supports
  • Large, fast-heating grill


  • It’s a smart-looking cooker but not as stylish as others.

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Best Budget – Kenwood CK306 90cm

Best Dual Fuel Range Cookers Kenwood CK306

Frugal shoppers rejoice, have I got a deal for you! The Kenwood CK306 exceeds all expectations with its extra-large oven, quality gas hob, and low-maintenance design.

This 90cm dual fuel range cooker features just one oven with an enormous 118 litre capacity. You will be able to cook a 25lb (11.3kg) turkey or fully dressed ham with room to spare in this spacious fan-assisted oven. It also comes with a full width integrated grill which gives you a huge amount of space to grill even the most substantial items. The oven can also be set to eco or defrost functions. It has an A energy rating and comes fitted with heatproof double-glazed viewing window.

Best Dual Fuel Range Cookers Kenwood CK306

Moving on to the spacious five-burner gas hob, the Kenwood CK306 features some of my favourite cast-iron pan supports. They are easy to clean and will keep your cookware a smart distance away from the flame. Stainless steel hob wells catch spills brilliantly and are easy to wipe clean after cooking. The burners themselves are responsive and will get your food to temperature quickly and evenly.

This is a range with an incredible price, but it’s not been made cheaply, it’s well built and effective. It’s well built with enough features to keep you and your family well-fed for many years. The only drawback for me is that although the integrated grill is large and effective, sometimes you don’t need all that space. If it had featured a separate grill, the Kenwood CK306 would be close to perfection.


  • Huge 118 litre main oven
  • Integrated grill
  • Five burner gas hob
  • Easy to clean pan supports
  • Double glazed viewing window
  • Incredible value for money


  • Would benefit from a separate grill or second smaller oven.

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Final Thoughts

Before you make your purchase, check out my guide to buying a range cooker: 9 Questions you need to answer before buying a range cooker. It will help you to determine exactly what you want from your cooker so you can confidently choose one to suit you.

A dual fuel range cooker is the most complete cooker that you’re likely to find. They offer massive amounts of cooking space and provide the best elements of both gas and electric cooking. Yes, they may seem pricey, but if you maintain them and look after them, they’ll easily last you ten years plus. Given how much they’re going to be used, it offers good value.

If you have had any experience with any of these cookers or you have questions that you want to ask regarding these cookers or subject matter, please drop me a message in the comments and I’ll be happy to hear from you.

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