5 Best Dual Fuel Cookers

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Electric ovens offer the best even cooking whilst gas burners are responsive and easily controlled. Get the best of both when you buy one of the 5 best dual fuel cookers available today!

These precisely designed stoves combine the best features of gas and electric cookers, so you’re never forced to compromise. No more waiting for electric hobs to warm or disappointing batches of unevenly cooked bread.

Picking the right dual fuel cooker for you isn’t easy. There are different styles, extra features and hundreds of brands to choose from.

This list will provide you with everything you need to make your choice. Whether you’re looking for a simple cooker for evening meals, or an enormous 110cm range for family-sized feasts, we’ve found the perfect choice with our top 5 picks of the best dual fuel cookers.

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Best Dual Fuel Cookers

Best 110cm Range – Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 110

Experience the majesty of Rangemaster in one of their most exceptional dual fuel cookers, the Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 110. Available in a beautiful Black/Chrome colour scheme, it packs in an incredible two main ovens, a grill, a warming compartment and a seven burner hob.

Both large 69 litre ovens are fan assisted, to provide quick, even cooking on every shelf. With two to choose from you’ll never be short of space. The main oven is multi-functional and has rapid response heating options as well as a handyrack attached to the side opening door. This is an excellent feature that allows you to remove items without having to reach into the oven.

The Professional Deluxe 110’s sleek, modern design will bring even the most dated kitchen roaring into the 21st century. Better yet, this cooker is easy to keep in its original flawless condition with easy-clean chrome handles, no-spill hob wells and dishwasher-safe pan supports. Both ovens also feature catalytic liners to make maintenance and cleaning a doddle. Simply set the oven to self-clean and wipe away excess residue from the liners when the process is finished.

Easy to clean and beautiful to behold, the Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 110 has even more to offer. This dual fuel cooker comes with five gas hobs, including a large wok burner, and a two-ring electric hotplate for use with the included griddle pan.

From construction quality to real-life performance, the Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 110 excels. They have thought of everything, including rear wheels for better mobility and easily adjustable height. Now that’s convenient! 


  • Two large fan-assisted ovens
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Side opening oven doors and handyrack
  • Hob with five gas burners and two electric
  • Several features to make it easy to clean
  • Catalytic lining in the main ovens
  • Warming and storing compartment
  • Spacious 39 litre grill
  • Energy rating A
  • Rear wheels
  • Adjustable height


  • May be beyond the reach of some budgets

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Best 90cm Range – Smeg Symphony SY93

SMEG Symphony 90 cm

The Symphony SY93 from Smeg is only 90cm wide, but it’s packed with amazing features. It has the capacity to cook a complete Christmas dinner all at one with two ovens, one grill, and six gas burners. Why limit yourself to holidays, though? This dual fuel cooker gives you everything you need to express your culinary creativity every night of the week! 

The main multi-functional oven has a 61 litre capacity and doubles as a grill. The secondary fan oven is slightly larger at 62 litre, and there’s even a separate 35 litre grill above the main oven. The Symphony SY93 features Circulaire technology in both ovens, which supplies unbeatable heat distribution for bulk baking and slow cooking. 

The six-burner hob provides burners of different sizes for multiple uses. Also, the front left burner has the super-fast, ‘Ultra Rapid’ heating. The large hob has cast-iron pan supports that can take even the heaviest of cookware.

Not only is this a marvel of functionality, the SY93 isn’t bad looking either. Its distinctive square design perfectly matches the stainless steel giving it a sleek modern finish. It’s easy to wipe clean on the outside and has several tricks to make cleaning the inside a breeze too. The grill has a removable, dishwasher safe roof liner and the oven boasts of a vapour clean setting, which runs for 20 minutes and then any grime can be quickly wiped away.

This is one of the pricier dual fuel ovens available, but you get a lot for your money. It’s stylish appearance, multi-function ovens and extra features are backed up by its build quality and ability to handle many tasks with ease.


  • Two fan ovens with over 60 litres capacity
  • 35 litre grill
  • Circulaire fan technology
  • Ultra-rapid heating on one hob burner
  • Removable grill roof liner
  • Vapour clean setting
  • Modern, stainless steel finish
  • Energy rating A/B


  • May be priced above some budgets

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Best 60cm – Smeg SUK61PX8


The SUK61PX8 is Smeg’s timeless reinterpretation of the modern cooker. It has just one oven but multiple functions and comes in an uncomplicated, tinted glass and stainless steel design. The oven space gives you nearly 70 litres of capacity, a total of ten features and can even double as a grill.

Despite its apparent simplicity, this a superbly designed cooker that can really pack a punch. The oven is a fast-heating masterpiece with a circulaire setting for perfectly even cooking. It also allows you to cook for periods of less than 20 minutes without the need to preheat. The precise engineering includes a quadruple glazed door which can be dismantled for cleaning and quickly reassembled.

The grill function doesn’t suffer from being built into the oven and is fully variable to heat your food exactly as you like. It’s also possible to completely close the oven door while grilling which is something very few oven/grill combos can do. Beneath the oven, there is a useful storage compartment, for trays, pots and pans. When it comes to cleaning, it couldn’t be easier, because it features a futuristic pyrolytic cleaning function that reduces any debris to ash that can be easily wiped away in a couple of minutes.

As well as the capable oven, the four gas hobs are also packed full of functions. The front left burner features Ultra Rapid heating, perfect for boiling water or heating sauces. Heavy-duty cast-iron pan supports stand up to even the harshest treatment, while automatic electronic ignition saves you time and frustration. It also includes a vital safety feature that will automatically shut off the gas supply if the flames go out. Should you need it, you also have the option of converting it to be run on LPG.

The Smeg SUK61PX8 is an excellent value dual fuel cooker and exceeds our expectations with its impeccable design and extensive feature set. If you demand high standards and the most modern conveniences in your stove, then this one’s for you.


  • The oven has ten functions
  • 68 litre oven capacity with circulaire setting
  • Quadruple glazed oven door
  • The oven door can be closed completely when the grill is in use.
  • Extra storage compartment
  • One hob burner has ‘Ultra Rapid’ heating
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron pan supports
  • The gas hob has automatic electronic ignition
  • Safety gas shutoff
  • Pyrolitic cleaning
  • Can be adapted to LPG


  • The oven/grill combination means that they can’t be used at the same time.

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All-rounder – Leisure Cuisinemaster CS110F722X

LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X

Do you cook for a large family or frequent guests? Are you always trying out new recipes and cooking techniques? If so, you need a cooker that can keep up with your lifestyle. Welcome the Cuisinemaster CS110F722X, quite possibly the last stove you’ll ever need.

This robust dual fuel cooker is an unabashed 110cm wide to accommodate its three ovens, one grill, and five burners. Combined, its four cavities provide you with an almost 200 litre capacity!

For everyday cooking, the main oven provides the bulk of the capacity (72 litre) and has the most features. It has a power-saving ‘Eco’ setting which is ideal for smaller meals and a 3D heating feature which ensures that more substantial items like joints of meat cook evenly. Both the primary and secondary ovens also feature catalytic liners for quick and easy cleaning.

In addition to this cooker’s four regular burners and one wok burner, it also comes with an electric hotplate. Hotplates likes these are perfect for quick eggs in the morning and perfectly cooked steaks. The Cuisinemaster C110F722X even includes a griddle to get you started.

This full-sized, full-featured cooker is one of the best value we’ve come across, and it almost made it into the budget category! Make no mistake, though; the Cuisinemaster C110F722X is a rugged, capable cooker designed for prolific home chefs.


  • Three ovens and a separate grill
  • Nearly 200 litre total capacity
  • Lots of extra features like the ‘eco’ setting and 3D heating
  • Electric hotplate
  • Five gas hob burners
  • Electric hotplate
  • Incredible value for money
  • Energy rating A


  • As a full-sized 110cm range it may not fit all kitchens.

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Best Budget – ElectriQ IQDFC1W60

If you’re looking for something that can deliver excellent performance on a budget, then you should consider the ElectriQ IQDFC1W60. It’s a free-standing, white dual fuel cooker that cooks evenly and accurately, it’s not got the looks of some of the more expensive models, but under the hood, it’s got what it takes.

There are two enamel lined ovens, one with that also acts as a grill and both with simple knob controls for easy adjustments. The four-burner gas hob provides you with instant heat and gives you the precise control that you don’t get with electric hobs.

The main bottom oven offers electric and fan-assisted cooking with a capacity of 58 litres. The top electric oven has 36 litres of space and is ideal if you want to cook two dishes separately at different temperatures or without transferring any flavour. Two shelves and a grill pan handle set come with it, but you can opt to purchase more should you need them. 

While the ElectriQ IQDFC1W60 can’t boast of an excess of additional functions, it does the basics to an excellent standard. It also includes useful safety features like an automatic gas shutoff should the flame ever go out. Also, it comes with a kit to convert it to run on LPG gas should it be necessary.

Some things show this to be a budget model, such as lack of glass hob cover, but when it comes to cooking experience, it’s got everything you need to exercise your culinary skills to their full. 


  • Two enamel lined ovens
  • The main oven is fan assisted
  • Four gas burners
  • Over 90litres of combined oven space
  • Simple, hardwearing, knob controls
  • LPG conversion kit
  • Instant flame shutoff
  • Main oven energy rating A
  • Secondary oven rating B


  • No glass hob cover
  • Few additional functions
  • No self-cleaning oven lining

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