5 Best Dual Fuel Cookers 2019

I love the dependable, even heat of an electric oven and the quick, easily controllable heat of gas burners. Get the best of both worlds with one of the 5 best dual fuel cookers for 2019 and beyond!

These marvels of engineering combine the best features of gas and electric cookers so you’re never forced to compromise again. No more waiting for electric hobs to warm up or cursing your gas oven for another ruined batch of bread.

Picking the right dual fuel cooker isn’t always easy, though. That’s why I’ve created this list of the top dual fuel cookers in every size and for every budget. Whether you need a simple cooker for evening meals, or an enormous 110cm cooker for family-sized feasts, I’ve got you covered with our top 5 picks of the best dual fuel cookers.

Best Dual Fuel Cookers

Best Range – RangeMaster Professional Deluxe 110

Experience the majesty of RangeMaster in one of their finest dual fuel cookers, the RangeMaster Professional Deluxe 110. Available in a beautiful Black/Chrome colour scheme, I love that the colour matches any décor and helps disguise messes until you have time to clean.

The Professional Deluxe 110’s sleek, modern design will bring even the most dated kitchen roaring into the 21st century. Better yet, this cooker is easy to keep in its original flawless condition with easy-clean chrome handles, no-spill hob wells, and dishwasher-safe pan supports.

The inside is just as easy to keep tidy thanks to the Professional Deluxe 110’s catalytic liners. Simply set the oven to self-clean and wipe away excess residue from the liners when the process is finished.

Easy to clean and beautiful to behold, the RangeMaster Professional Deluxe 110 has even more to offer. This dual fuel cooker comes with five hobs, including a large wok burner on the far right. On the far left is an electric hotplate for use with the included griddle pan.

Down below, the Professional Deluxe 110 features two enormous 69L capacity ovens and one 39L grill. The fourth compartment is for storage. Both ovens use fans, but only the main oven is multifunctional.

For most meals you’ll likely just use the main oven with its rapid response heating and awesome Handyrack. The Handyrack attaches to the oven door, allowing you to tend food without reaching inside. This is an amazing feature if you’ve ever burnt your wrists reaching for a roast.

From construction quality to real-life performance, the RangeMaster Professional Deluxe 110 excels. They really have thought of everything, including that this cooker comes with rear wheels for better mobility and is even height adjustable. Now that’s convenient! Assuming you have the space (and the price tag doesn’t make you weep), this is our top pick in dual fuel cookers.

RANGEMASTER Professional Deluxe 110

The black and chrome Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker has all the hob power, oven space and versatility you'll need for culinary excellence – from the ...


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 Best Budget – NEW WORLD 601DFDOL


The Professional Deluxe 110 is an incredible cooker, but it better be for around £1,800! If you’re looking for something a little more budget friendly, I think you should consider the NEW WORLD 601DFDOL.

Outfitted with two ovens, the NEW WORLD 601DFDOL makes exceptional use of space. In a mere 60cm width that will fit in almost every kitchen, this dual fuel cooker still features a full-sized, 59L main fan oven. The top conventional oven measures 35L and doubles as a grill.

This cooker also features four total burners. These hobs aren’t too special, though they do require push button ignition. This is contrary to the other cookers on this list which all use automatic ignition. I don’t hold push button ignition against the NEW WORLD 601DFDOL, but it’s good to know before you invest.

A glass lid protects the hobs and creates a larger workspace when it’s down. This is ideal for smaller kitchens where space is limited. When you’re ready to cook, simply raise the glass lid to access the burners.

I love that this feature keeps your stove-top clean and increases workspace, but wish it would slide behind the oven when you raise the glass. Instead, the glass sticks straight up, meaning you won’t be able to put this cooker under cabinets or windows.

The NEW WORLD 601DFDOL gives users with space and budget limitations a dual fuel cooker that won’t limit you come mealtime. With this cooker you have a multitude of cooking options, all in a slim and modern design. Our only complaint is that this model lacks a timer, but that’s a £5 fix that doesn’t detract from this cooker’s overall value.


Sophisticated and spacious take a look at the New World 60-1DFDOL Dual Fuel Cooker.


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Best Modern – SMEG SUK61PX8 60 cm


Smeg won our hearts with their timeless interpretation of a new modern cooker, the SUK61PX8. With just one oven, this cooker uses an uncomplicated design in a stunning stainless steel and tinted glass combo.

Don’t be fooled, though, this is no simple cooker. That single oven packs a lot of punch with a full 70L capacity and 10 total functions. Our favourite function is the Circulaire setting, which both ensures even cooking and lessens preheat time. In fact, you don’t have to preheat at all if you’re cooking for longer than 20 minutes!

This cooker’s 4 hobs are also packed full of functions. The front left burner features Ultra Rapid heating, perfect for boiling water or heating sauces. Heavy duty cast iron pan supports stand up to every abuse, while automatic electronic ignition saves you time and frustration.

This modestly priced dual fuel cooker exceeds our expectations with its impeccable design and seemingly infinite feature set. If you demand all the most modern conveniences in your cooker, the Smeg SUK61PX8 will not dissapoint.

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Top-End – SMEG Symphony 90cm

SMEG Symphony 90 cm

I’m truly inspired by how many amazing features Smeg was able to fit in this mid-sized 90cm cooker. Including two ovens, one grill, and six total burners, you could cook all of Christmas dinner at once with the Smeg Symphony SY93.

Why limit yourself to holidays, though? This dual fuel cooker gives you everything you need to express your culinary creativity every night of the week! The main, multifunctional oven has a 61L capacity and doubles as a grill. The secondary fan oven is slightly larger at 62L, and there’s even a separate 35L grill above the main oven.

As with the  SUK61PX8, the Symphony SY93 features Circulaire technology in both ovens. This results in unbeatable heat distribution for bulk baking and slow cooking. Moving on to this cooker’s six burners, you’ll be happy to know that the Symphony SY93 also features Ultra Rapid heating in the front left hob.

With so much in common with the SUK61PX8, I can safely say the Symphony SY93 is the former’s “big brother”. The only thing is lacks is the SUK61PX8’s pyrolytic cleaning, but I’m willing to overlook that in lieu of the extra burners and oven space. If your budget allows, treat yourself to this head-turning dual fuel cooker.

SMEG Symphony 90cm

The Smeg Symphony SY93 90 cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker has two roomy ovens and a separate grill that you'll find easy to multitask with.


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All-rounder – LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X

LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X

Do you cook for a large family or frequent guests? Are you always trying out new recipes and cooking techniques? If so, you need a cooker that can keep up with your lifestyle. Welcome the Cuisinemaster CS110F722X, quite possibly the last cooker you’ll ever need.

This robust dual fuel cooker is an unabashed 110cm wide in order to accommodate its three ovens, one grill, and five burners. Combined, these cavities provide you with an almost 200L capacity!

For everyday cooking, the main oven provides the bulk of the capacity (72L) and the most features. I like the Eco setting for smaller meals and the 3D heating feature for joints. Both the primary and secondary ovens also feature catalytic liners for quick and easy cleaning.

In addition to this cooker’s four regular burners and one wok burner, it also comes with an electric hotplate. I adore hotplates likes these for quick eggs in the morning and perfectly cooked steaks. The Cuisinemaster C110F722X even includes a perfectly fitted griddle to get you started.

Incredibly, this full-sized, full-featured cooker costs less than either of the Smegs on our list. At around £1,200, I almost put this cooker in the budget category! Make no mistake, though; the Cuisinemaster C110F722X is a rugged, capable cooker designed for prolific home chefs.

LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X

oasting a range of cooking functions, the large main oven includes 3D cooking for fast heating and quick results.


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