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When a friend of mine approached me asking for some advice on an upcoming kitchen renovation project, I knew straight away that the SMEG BM93BL was going to be right up their street.

I’d spent quite a lot of time testing the product in a previous job and had a good understanding of what it was about. But, before I’d even mentioned the cooker, he gave me the following criteria:

  • Looked great in a modern kitchen
  • Preferably black
  • Dual fuel and energy efficient (they have solar panels… see where they’re going with this)
  • Affordable
  • Actually had to work (they are keen cooks and substance is just as important as style)

Without giving too much away the SMEG BM93BL ticked all the boxes. Also, it just so happens that I knew they had a SMEG fridge on order as well, so tied in nicely. Almost a year down the line and I know they are still loving it!

Here’s what I found out…


The most prominent part of its design that caught my eyes is the sleek and modern structure. Its stainless steel finish has the capability to single-handedly give your whole kitchen a stylish vibe.

This cooker comes in two primary colours: black and silver, which inspired me to think of various interior ideas for the kitchen. Both of these shades give the buyer an advantage of combining it with a wide range of colours and kitchen ‘themes’.

If you want a classic but chic kitchen, we suggest you add the black one to a white or off-white themed kitchen. Also if you want a splash of vibrant colour, the silver one can definitely provide that essential calmness in the kitchen to balance out those bright hues.

On the front section, there are three distinct segments, comprising of two fan ovens and one dedicated grill. All of them are provided with double glazed doors, so no matter what temperature it is inside these cooking compartments, there’s no need to get alarmed by any accidental contact. It will always feel “cool-as-cucumber” from the outside for a dish at regular temperature, and when a super-hot meal is inside, the external touch will seem just warm.

There are five gas burners on the top including one of ultra-rapid-power as well as three cast iron pan stands. These proved to be very useful when you’ll needed to make complex dishes on a tight schedule and therefore need to keep juggling between pots and pans continuously.

The best part? All these perks come at a pretty light weight of 33kg meaning mobility into more obscure kitchen settings is on offer.

Size & Capacity

In this 90cm wide cooker, I got to try out various cooking styles using the different facilities provided by its multiple cooking compartments. The combination of these compartments is very useful for those with an interest in preparing cuisines or anyone who needs to cook meals for a large number of people on a daily basis.

The main oven on the bottom left is a programmable one and has the net capacity of 61 litres. There are four cooking levels in here allowing you to choose how much heat we want on what part of our dish.

The tall auxiliary oven covering the right third at the front also has similar capacity but this one comes with an additional advantage of nine cooking levels! The same degree of temperature can be found throughout these shelves, making it possible for us to prepare multiple dishes at the same speed.

A word of warning here, the oven is quite narrow, so you might need to fork out for some smaller baking trays.

There is a 35 litres grill on the top left with two cooking levels. It’s a shame that there is no handle provided for the pan, which made managing it a bit difficult. However, its power can go as high as 2700W. So remember to keep the dish in constant check to prevent it from getting burnt.


The most prominent feature is of course what’s included in the title – dual fuel. This cooker can utilise both electric and gas resources to cook up meals and therefore support a wide range of dishes. Be it baking, grilling, frying or roasting – this knight in the shining steel is up for it!

While mastering your culinary skills using the above-mentioned elements, it is also important to keep the cooker as clean as possible. This is where I realised the importance of the internal durable enamel liner. Each of the three cavities here is provided with this anti-acid covering which stops grease and dirt from piling up inside. The removable roof liner and sliding glass door make it easier for you to reach every corner and ensure full clean-up of the instrument.

Both the ovens incorporated here have fans which help in distributing an even amount of heat throughout. As a result, the cooking gets done faster and doesn’t usually require any sort of pre-heating, making these the ideal tools for batch baking and defrosting.

The main oven is programmable with digital countdown timer displayed in LED. Through the halogen light inside, I can take a glance at the dish in progress any time we prefer. The pre-set programs are of huge help in these busy lives we lead since all it demands to get the dish done is a touch of the related button. As soon as I choose the dish type, the sensors take over the operation and cook it up depending on the food’s weight and internal moisture of the oven. Very cool!

Finally, the hobs on top have an automatic ignition system and safety valves to make sure that the cook stays away from all possible security risks. This device has also proved to be highly efficient in terms of energy consumption.


Final Thoughts

SMEG has been one of the leading kitchen appliance brands over the last decade, so the fact that the SMEG BM93BL get’s a glowing review may come as a surprise to few, especially us!

The oven does everything that you could need from a  90cm Dual Fuel burner. In fact, even though it’s essentially a ‘compact’ range, the size of the cooker and amount of cooking room made it feel much bigger.

The price point may be a little higher than some people want to spend, but I’m very confident that it’s a product that will stand the test of time. It’s ben one of my best product recommendations – to a friend – and I’m happy to recommend it to you guys as well.

Smeg BM93BL 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker in Black

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as of August 9, 2022 11:33 am


  • Victoria, 2 ovens and 1 grill, 5 gas burners. 1 x 4 kW, L 90 cm. Black

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