Cheap 110cm Range Cookers

Defining what “cheap” really means has been tough for this article on Cheap Range Cookers 110cm. In fact, when it comes to range cookers, I’m not sure the tagline of cheap can apply at all.

The article does include the best value range cookers that you can find and whilst the price tag can still seem astronomically high for a domestic cooker, they are actually insanely good value for a 110cm range cooker.

I’ve spoken about these cooker types multiple times on site already but, for those that don’t know, I bloody love range cookers!

Yes, 110cm is big for a cooker and yes, you need a certain sized kitchen to be able to really pull one off, but they can’t be beaten. You get the best features with these types of cookers. You get the best aesthetics with these types of cookers.

Heck, we don’t even have that big of a kitchen and we cram one in and hear rave reviews from friends.

The process of finding these types of cookers and then deciding what works best for you on a budget isn’t all that easy.

So, throughout this article, I want to be able to show you that you can shop for these behemoths on a budget and whilst they aren’t “cheap” by most standards, look to show you what your money gets for the lower end of the range cooker market.

Best Cheap 110cm Range Cookers

LEISURE Cookmaster CK110F232K Dual Fuel Range Cooker

LEISURE Cookmaster CK110F232K

Proving once and for all that you can get quality on a budget, the LEISURE Cookmaster CK110F23K starts at around £1,000. Available in black or cream, this attractive cooker certainly looks the part of a much more expensive range.

Of course, when you get into the fine details, like the plastic knobs and unfinished pan-drawer interior, it becomes clear where Leisure cut corners. Thankfully, these problems are relatively superficial. When it comes to performance, the LEISURE Cookmaster CK110F23K exceeds.

This 110cm range features seven total gas hobs, including an extra-large and powerful wok burner. These burners are extremely helpful when boiling large pots of water or sauteing in large pans. Sturdy cast-iron pan supports not only look great but also function perfectly, keeping your pots and pans steady while cooking.

LEISURE Cookmaster CK110F232K

Below, the LEISURE Cookmaster CK110F23K includes two electric ovens, one separate full-length grill, and one storage drawer. The bottom oven is the largest, measuring 68L, while the secondary oven still provides a spacious 58L of total volume. Only the bottom oven is fan-assisted, however.

It would have been nice for Leisure to include this feature for both ovens, especially since people use the top oven most often. On the upside, both quick-heating ovens offer catalytic liners for easy maintenance.

For those on a strict budget, the LEISURE Cookmaster CK110F23K is your best choice in cheap 110cm range cookers.

LEISURE Cookmaster CK110F232K

Able to comfortably accommodate larger meals and dishes, the Leisure Cookmaster CK110F232K Dual Fuel Range Cooker provides you with both outstanding versatility and excellent ...


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LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X Dual Fuel Range Cooker

LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X

For a bit more than our first entry, the LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X offers some serious upgrades that we think are worth the added expense. The impressive versatility of this cooker makes it ideal for large families and busy home chefs.

Equipped with over 150L of oven space, five total gas burners, electric griddle hotplate and separate full-length grill, this range offers all the options you need for gourmet meals and serious multitasking. The main 72L multi-function oven and fan-assisted secondary oven are your go-tos for most meals due to their fast heating and cooking.

All ovens feature catalytic liners and large viewing windows for easy monitoring of your meals without needing to open the oven doors.

LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X

Our biggest complaint about this cooker takes aim at the tinny stainless steel exterior. It is real stainless steel, but it is so thin that dents and scratches are difficult to avoid. Additionally, the stainless steel does not extend over the ovens, giving this 110cm range cooker a dual-tone and frankly cheaper aesthetic. You’ll also need to spend time studying the manual in order to master the tricky controls. This is especially true in order to make the best use of the multifunctional main oven.

Barring these flaws, the LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X’s dependability and unrivalled versatility are unheard-of in this price range.

LEISURE Cuisinemaster CS110F722X

Ideal when cooking for a large family or entertaining guests, two further ovens offer quick and efficient fan cooking, or conventional heat for baking or slow cooking.


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RANGEMASTER Kitchener 110 Electric Ceramic Range Cooker

RANGEMASTER Kitchener 110

The convenience of a flat-top range is exemplified in this 110cm cooker by Rangemaster. This electric range’s enormous 6-zone ceramic hob is wonderfully designed to give you generous space while cooking.

Unlike other large ranges, which clutter burners closely and make it difficult to use multiple pots and pans, the RANGEMASTER Kitchener 110 reserves entire rows on either side for the two largest burners. The four smaller burners are centralized for easy access while multitasking with smaller dishes.

The main issue with this affordable 110cm range cooker is its tiny grill. Although the grill works quite well, its small capacity makes it impossible to use with large dishes or multiple servings.

The Kitchener 110 may have been better served by including a smaller secondary oven instead and using the extra space for the grill. Then again, the convenience of a large oven cannot be overstated. The Kitchener 110 sports two large ovens, measuring 76L and 69L respectively, are extra wide to accommodate any-sized pan or baking dish.

RANGEMASTER Kitchener 110

Disappointingly, only the secondary oven features fan-assisted cooking. Thankfully, however, both large ovens are easy to clean with wall-to-wall catalytic liners. These make it much easier to keep such a large cooker clean. Both ovens are also easy to use and, unlike lesser electric ovens, provide dependable heat that’s perfectly in-sync with temperature settings.

Making excellent use of its real estate, the RANGEMASTER Kitchener 110 is the perfect choice for those who cook large meals with multiple dishes.

RANGEMASTER Kitchener 110

Install the black and chrome Rangemaster Kitchener 110 Electric Range Cooker to enhance your kitchen with expansive cooking space, remarkable usability features and beautiful ...


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RANGEMASTER Professional Deluxe 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker

RANGEMASTER Professional Deluxe 110 Dual Fuel

Although it’s twice as expensive as the first dual-fuel cooker on our list, we firmly believe that the RANGEMASTER Professional Deluxe 110 is worth saving for if at all possible. This budget 110cm range was made for those who appreciate a finely-tuned gas hob with precise temperature control, easy ignition, and heavy-duty cast-iron pan supports, this range was made for you. Bring the joy back to cooking with this flawless five-zone gas hob with additional electric hot-plate for added versatility.

Even better, all accessories, including the pan supports, griddle, and wok cradle are dishwasher safe so you can spend more time cooking and less time cleaning. The ovens, too, are made easy to clean with their catalytic liners. Overall, this range is extremely low-maintenance, which is also difficult to find in cookers with gas hobs.

The RANGEMASTER Professional Deluxe 110’s two large ovens are also impressive. At 69L each, both ovens provide enough space for large pans and multiple dishes. The multifunctional main oven is also equipped with a Handyrack, and all shelving glides smoothly and quietly on their tracks. The secondary oven is even fan assisted, making it easier to plan meal times when using it with the main oven on large meals. It’s always a pain when to account for the additional cook times of conventional secondary ovens.

Our biggest complaint with this model is that the grill is unreasonably small. This problem is found with all the Rangemasters on our cheap 110cm range cooker list. Considering all their other fine features, however, we’re willing to overlook this annoying detail.

RANGEMASTER Professional Deluxe 110

The stainless steel and chrome Rangemaster Professional 110 Induction Range Cooker delivers maximum cooking capacity and total versatility in a stylishly modern cooker.


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RANGEMASTER Professional+ 110 Electric Induction Range Cooker

RANGEMASTER Professional+ 110 Electric Induction

It’s difficult to believe, but Rangemaster managed to produce an exceptional 110cm induction range cooker for under £2,000. This gorgeous stainless steel range operates quickly and quietly, saving you time and money with its instant, yet energy efficient, results.

Performing like a much more expensive induction cook-top, the RANGEMASTER Professional+ 110’s induction technology is incredibly responsive. Boil water in seconds instead of minutes, or bring pans to precise and consistent cooking temperatures for techniques like searing fish or browning butter.

Underneath the hob, you find two large ovens, one storage drawer, and a dedicated grill. Both ovens are roomy enough for full-sized pans. Unfortunately, just the main oven features fan-assisted cooking. While this is fine for most meals, a second fan-assisted oven is always appreciated. The secondary oven also only features enamel liners while the main oven uses catalytic liners. If you like this cooker, just be sure to use the main oven for most of your meals for best results.

While the ovens do lack functionality, the cooktop is spectacular, so whether this cooker is the right fit for you depends on how much you value the ease and speed of induction cooking.

RANGEMASTER Professional+ 110 Electric Induction

The stainless steel and chrome Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker has truly impressive hob power, oven space and versatility for culinary brilliance – from ...


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Final thoughts

There you have my guide on the best cheap range cookers 110cm. As you can tell, there is a lot to choose from and you still get an unbelievable amount of product for your money.

It may have felt a little like a Rangemaster love-in here, but they really are the best in the business in my opinion. Yes, you can say that I’m going based on brand, but all three mentioned offer up superb value for money.

I can’t finish without giving a quick nod to Leisure’s Cookmaster range. The brand has exploded over the last two years and they are now a genuine competitor to the likes of Rangemaster. They are slightly cheaper in price for the most part, which makes them and ideal choice into this article.

Hopefully, this article has helped somewhat and if you’ve any questions, drop a comment below and I will definitely get back to you.

Paul has been working in the electrical and large-appliance industry for over a decade, alongside some of the biggest manufacturers in the world. Whilst taking on his own kitchen renovation in 2017, he saw that there was a lack of quality cooker reviews and took it upon himself to make it his job to create a site that offered in-depth and independent advice for other potential consumers.

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