5 Best Cookers for Under £1,000

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For under £1000 you can get a multi-functional cooker with all the bells and whistles. However, not all products at this price are built to the same standard. This list will help you find a high-quality, durable cooker that will stand out from the crowd and last for years.

For this price, there are so many cookers to choose from; it’s vital that you take the time to consider exactly what you’re looking for. This will help you to narrow down the selection available to you and improve your chances of finding a model that meets your needs perfectly.

To help you get started, I’ve included a broad range of my favourite cookers for under £1000 in this list. I made my choice based on their performance during everyday cooking tasks and the number of practical functions they provide. Each of those that I included is priced below £1000 but also offer incredible value for money.

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Best Cookers for Under £1,000

Rangemaster Classic 60 – Electric

Rangemaster Classic 60cm Electric

Not everyone has the space or need for a range cooker, so Rangemaster has put the best bits from their larger models into this Classic 60 Electric. Incredibly, its price is as attractive as its cream and chrome exterior. Plus it comes in at well below £1,000.

Rangemaster Classic 60cm Electric

The ceramic hob houses four electric heating elements that are thoughtfully arranged with one large and one small element up front. Once set, the burners reach temperature quickly and provide even heat distribution across their surface. Unfortunately, the control dials are difficult to read and feel cheap compared to the rest of the cooker.

Rangemaster Classic 60cm Electric

There are two ovens with over 90 litres of shared capacity and they offer the versatility of a multi-functional main oven and conventional secondary oven. Both ovens also function as full-width grills and have extra features including a defrost function and easy-clean catalytic liners.

Although the main oven’s arched baker window is a large part of this cooker’s appeal, it’s quite small. It’s difficult to see dishes even with the oven light on. Still, the Rangemaster Classic 60 is an attractive and capable cooker that any home cook would be proud to have in their kitchen.


  • Classic Rangemaster style
  • Two large ovens with over 90 litres of combined capacity
  • Both ovens double as grills
  • There are catalytic liners in both ovens
  • The main oven features fan assistance and a defrost function.
  • Electronic programmable timer
  • Energy rating A/B


  • The control dials don’t match the quality of the rest of the cooker.
  • The arched window is quite small.

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Rangemaster Professional 60 – Gas

Rangemaster Professional 60

Opting for a different look to the Classic, the Rangemaster Professional 60 is built almost entirely out of black finished steel, with stainless steel fittings. The result is a much more modern appearance that will appeal to those who prefer a more contemporary kitchen.

Rangemaster Professional 60

Built with two conventional oven compartments, of 41 litres, and 17 litres, there is just enough cooking space for most small families. The second oven is also an integrated grill which offers you the ability to cook quick snacks or to brown the tops of dishes from the oven. Each of the oven compartments come with catalytic liners and the main one also has a double-glazed viewing window.

Rangemaster Professional 60

The four-burner stove top is made of extremely high quality cast iron, and also features cast iron pan supports. There are two sizes of gas ring available which are easily lit with an automatic ignition system. To help you keep track of the time, there is an electronic clock and minute timer.

The build quality, finish and functionality of the Rangemaster Professional 60 are incredible, but unfortunately, it struggles with energy efficiency. The energy rating of both ovens is a disappointing B. However, this is still a responsive, quick heating cooker that will deliver a range of meals for decades to come.


  • Stunning contemporary Rangemaster style
  • 41 litre main oven
  • 17 litre secondary oven/grill
  • Side-mounted catalytic liners
  • Cast iron stove top with four-burners
  • Cast-iron pan supports
  • Automatic ignition
  • Powerful, fast-heating


  • Both cooking compartments may be too small for some families.
  • Both ovens only get a B rating for energy efficiency.

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Stoves Richmond 550DFW – Dual Fuel

Best cookers under £1000 Stoves 550DFW

Packed with user-friendly features, the classic Stoves Richmond 550DFW is my choice for best dual fuel cooker under £1,000. Starting with a spacious 69 litre main fan-assisted oven and 39 litre secondary conventional oven, it is ideally sized for large and mid-sized families alike. Both ovens use enamel liners that can be wiped clean for easy maintenance. The edges on the oven door are quite sharp, so be careful with loose clothing then opening them.

Other gas cookers come with glass lids, but the Richmond 550DFW uses a steel hob lid instead. Not only does the steel lid look great, but you don’t have to worry about it cracking. Underneath the lid are four gas burners topped with heavy-duty cast-iron pan supports that don’t rattle against your cookware. The ignition is by push-button and you get some extra safety features including automatic gas shutoff if the lid closes or if the flame goes out.

Modern stoves give you a range of cooking options and the Richmond 550DFW is no different. The secondary oven converts into a grill when needed and the gas hob includes a wok burner. I was disappointed to find that you don’t get a grill pan handle as standard, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is an impressive cooker with many useful features.


  • Large 69 litre fan-assisted electric oven
  • 39 litre conventional secondary oven/grill combo
  • Both ovens have enamel liners
  • Metal hob lid
  • Four-burner gas hob with automatic shutoff
  • Cast-iron pan supports
  • Energy rating A/A


  • The oven door has sharp edges

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John Lewis JLFSIC620 – Electric Induction Cooker

Best cookers under £1000 JLFSIC620

If you have a large family but limited space in the kitchen, the JLFSIC620 Electric Induction Cooker was made with you in mind. Wasting not a single centimetre, this 60cm cooker manages to fit both a 72 litre main fan-assisted oven and 39 litre secondary conventional oven.

This is made possible because the control panel has been tilted up towards the user. In some models this gets in the way of your pans on the hob but in this case the angle is perfectly positioned so they stay out of your way. The hob features four induction burners which are fast to heat and give quick responses to even the smallest change of temperature.

With so much cooking space, you can prepare multiple dishes at the same time by using both large ovens and four induction burners. The main oven has several functions including fan, conventional, top-heating and bottom heating. As if that wasn’t enough, both compartments also function as full-width electric grills.

Best cookers under £1000 JLFSIC620

The double-glazed oven doors improve oven efficiency and keep all the heat inside while the exterior stays cool. Both ovens come with catalytic liners which absorb grease and make regular cleaning significantly easier. The stainless steel exterior is similarly easy to maintain so you can keep this cooker looking great for years to come.

With the JLFSIC620 you get a lot more for your money than you might expect at first glance. The spacious interior and multi-functional oven are all designed to give you maximum space and efficiency and the induction hob provides excellent responsive heating.


  • Smart, easy to clean stainless steel finish
  • Two large electric ovens with over 110 litre capacity
  • The main oven has fan-assistance and other functions
  • Double glazed oven doors
  • Catalytic oven liners
  • Responsive four-burner induction hob
  • Energy rating A


  • The electric grills can be slow to reach temperature.

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Belling Kensington 100DFT – Range Cooker

Best cookers under £1000 Belling Kensington

The Belling Kensington 100cm dual fuel range cooker has everything the discerning home chef needs to satisfy their culinary curiosity. Equipped with seven gas burners and three electric oven cavities, you get an incredible 163 litres of cooking capacity. This is an uncompromising cooker with endless functionality and classic range appearance.

The seven gas burners come in four separate sizes including an extra-large wok burner. They are quick heating and responsive, giving you complete control over the temperature of your food. It is fitted with cast-iron pan supports that are both attractive and sturdy, providing excellent balance for pots and pans.

Best cookers under £1000 Belling Kensington DFT

The Kensington 100DFTG then features three ovens clad in enamel liners. The conventional main and secondary ovens are both 64 litre capacity and feature large double-glazed viewing windows. The third cavity doubles as a powerful grill that gets the perfect crisp on sausages or steaks while the rest of your food cooks. Each oven has a wealth of shelving options and main ovens include two shelves each for your convenience.

While most parts of the Kensington 100DFT feel built to last, the knobs are light and plastic-y. Some customers even report needing to replace them multiple times. All things considered, this imposing dual fuel cooker easily makes my list of the best cookers under £1,000.


  • Incredible classic style with a black and chrome finish
  • Three electric ovens, an integrated grill and a storage compartment
  • Fan-assisted main oven with extra features
  • 163 litres of combined oven space
  • Enamel lined ovens
  • Seven-burner hob with wok burner
  • LED display
  • Cast-iron pan supports
  • Energy rating A


  • The knobs don’t match the quality of the finish.

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Now that you’ve had some time to look through the list, hopefully, you’re as impressed as I am at what you can get for your money. The Belling Kensington, in particular, is a huge amount of cooker for your cash. You’ll also have noticed that I included models from several well-known brands. While they all have reputations for quality, I based my choice on my inspection of the individual models. Each one stood out as something special and as the most likely to give you a decade or beyond of loyal service.

If you found this list helpful but your budget is more restricted, you may be interested in reading Best Cookers for Under £600 or Best Cookers for Under £300.

Hopefully, you found this article of use and were able to find a few products to look into further. If you need any advice or you think there is one I’ve missed off, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

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