5 Best Induction Cookers 2019

Twice as energy efficient as gas and light years faster than electric, induction cooking is a great alternative for many home cooks. Induction cookers have also become more competitively priced with their gas and electric counterparts, making them an even more attractive option. This review uncovers the best induction cookers available today in a range of styles, functions, and prices.

Before I start the review, it’s important to note that induction cookers only work with ferromagnetic cookware, like cast iron and stainless steel. Not sure if your cookware will work? Simply test the bottoms of your cookware with a magnet. Cookware designed specially for induction cookers is also available.

Since these cookers work through induction, heat is only transferred to your cookware, not the stove surface. That’s what makes induction cooking so energy efficient. It also means induction hobs are safe to the touch.

Without further adieu, here’s my list of the best 5 induction cookers

Best Induction Cookers

Best Range – RANGEMASTER Excel 110

The Rangemaster Excel 110 makes mealtime a pleasure with fast, efficient, low-maintenance cooking that’s sure to get your creative juices flowing. This induction cooker leaves you spoiled for choice with everything both aspiring and experienced cooks need to explore their culinary passion.

It all starts with the two main ovens, both at 69L capacities. Both oven doors swing out instead of dropping down, which is something to consider based on your kitchen layout. The major benefit to these swinging doors is the Handyrack, one of my favorite features. This rack is attached to the inside of the main oven door, allowing you to check food without reaching inside the oven.

The right oven is multifunction for the majority of meals, while the left oven is fan heated. Both large ovens use catalytic liners to help keep your oven clean. Above the large ovens you’ll find a dedicated 21L slow cook oven and a 21L grill.

Moving on to the most important part, the Excel 110 Induction Range Cooker features five total hobs. Like the main oven, which gives you the option of rapid response cooking for up to 30% quicker heating time, this cooker’s hobs are extremely responsive. They heat a large pan to temperature in under a minute, and boil water right before your eyes.

The Excel 110’s induction burners are also sensitive and precise. Temperature knobs are also intuitive and easy to master. This can be a problem with some induction cookers since there’s no tactile feedback from the hobs. To keep you safe an informed, indicator lights let you know when a burner is turned on.

It’s difficult to find fault with this cooker. The Excel 110 Induction Range Cooker the the complete kitchen companion, designed with your experience in mind. Of course, this cooker is also quite pricey, which brings us to the next selection on my list of 5 best induction cookers.


Designed in a contemporary style and built to accommodate the demands of the busiest of households, the Rangemaster Excel 110 Induction Range Cooker features two large ovens, a ...


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Best Budget – HOTPOINT HUI614K

Hotpoint HUI614K

In stark contrast to the Excel 110’s glut of options, the Hotpoint HUI614K simplifies things back down to the basics. With this induction cooker you get a full-sized, 71Lfan-heated main oven and a 39L second oven which double as a grill. I actually prefer cookers with oven/grill combos since I rarely need both at once and combining the two saves space.

With over 100L of total oven capacity, this induction cooker will meet the needs of most home cooks. Surprisingly for the price, both ovens include catalytic liners for quick cleaning and easy maintenance. Both ovens also use triple-glazed windows that keep the oven safe to the touch while you cook.

Four induction hobs complete this cooker. Hobs come in two sizes, large and small, and only take a few seconds longer to reach temp than much more expensive models. There’s sometimes an audible clicking when the hobs fire up, but that’s typical for induction cookers.

Topside touch buttons control the hobs, but are sometimes unresponsive and require a little patience. I worry that over time the touch button surface may become scratched or stained, so be sure to keep this area clear of cookware and spills.

The good news is that this budget induction cooker comes with a 10-year warranty, making it an even greater value. Hotpoint makes induction cooking affordable for every budget with the HUI614K.


Take control of your cooking with the Hotpoint HUI614K Electric Induction Cooker, featuring an array of safety features and induction technology, a speedy and efficient way to ...


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Best Modern – SMEG SY93IBL


The Smeg SY93IBL is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen with its attractive and ergonomic design. You’ll notice straight away that this induction cooker features a tall auxiliary oven in addition to the main oven and grill.  Cook all your dishes at the same time with the tall oven’s nine total cooking levels, ideal for batch baking and large meals.

Both ovens are fan-heated to help disperse heat and keep flavors from settling. Cook a roast next to a pie without transferring any of the smell or flavor. Each oven is about 61L, while the top grill sports a generous 36L capacity and two cooking levels.

The Smeg SY93IBL comes with five total hobs, including a large center burner for woks and other sizable cookware. Conveniently, you’ll find a quality scraper inside the box for proper cleaning. I like the layout of both the hobs and the control panel, which can be said of many Smeg cookers. Everything is streamlined to save you time, effort, and stress while you cook.

My only small gripe is that the ovens do not come with liners. Enamel is easy to clean, but requires more frequent cleanings than ovens with catalytic liners. Notwithstanding, the Smeg SY93IBL embodies modern style and performance in this spectacular mid-sized induction cooker.


ffortlessly cook and clean up afterwards with this stylish Smeg SY93IBL Induction Range Cooker.


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Top-End – RANGEMASTER Elise 110 Electric Induction

RANGEMASTER Elise 110 Electric Induction

Top-end induction cookers like the Rangemaster Elise 110 offer both a flawless cooking experience and heirloom-quality construction. No expense was spared to ensure that this cooker will perform as well today as it will in 15 years.

Let’s start with the basics. At 110cm wide, the Elise 110 features two ovens, one grill, and five total hobs. I appreciate that Rangemaster didn’t try to fit six hobs, as it gives you a roomier workspace. The hobs are always quiet and heat to temp with blisteringly speed.

Both ovens offer 69L capacities and catalytic liners for easy cleaning. The left multifuction oven is your main oven, while the right oven is fan heated. Doors swing out and include the super convenient Handyrack. One issue is that the grill temperature cannot be adjusted, making you work around the stock setting.

Available in a number of stylish colors to match any décor, the Elise 110 has a look to fit both modern and classic kitchens. It’s also at the height of safety, featuring hob indicator lights, child safety locks, and Catch-rite™ door fixtures for up to 50 years guaranteed stability.

The Elise 110 is my easy pick for lasting quality and the latest induction technology… even if you have to hide the receipt from your spouse!

RANGEMASTER Elise 110 Electric Induction

The Rangemaster Elise 110 Induction Range Cooker has a wonderfully contemporary design with high performance features to help you in the kitchen.


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Best All-rounder – STOVES Sterling 900Ei

Versatile without overwhelming you with options, the Stoves Sterling 900Ei is the perfect cooker for the average home cook. This induction cooker doesn’t waste your time or money with a long list of hardly used features. Instead, if focuses on delivering quick, precise, and highly efficient cooking with easy and safe operation.

The main multifunction oven’s 47L capacity is great for everyday cooking. There are nine settings to choose from, or you could use the 76L tall second oven. The fan-heated second oven has an astounding 25 shelf positions so you can make the best use of space.

Similar to the Hotpoint HUI614K, the Sterling 900Ei uses touch controls for its five hobs. Hob layout is standard with one large (wok), two medium, and two small burners. The  Sterling 900Ei’s touch buttons are much more responsive, however, and I prefer them to the Hotpoint.

As I said, Stoves focused on the important features with this cooker, including safety. Enjoy child locks, hob indicators, holiday shutdown, and pan overheat protection. Most of these are passive features that work behind the scenes to keep your family safe.

I can forgive that the Sterling 900Ei’s ovens lack catalytic liners, if only because the rest of the cooker is so easy to clean. All surfaces are glossy and smooth, with no dirt traps hidden around the seams. Excellent design, hearty construction, and dependable performance solidify this induction cooker as my top all-round pick.

STOVES Sterling 900Ei

If you love to cook and have a large family to feed, then the Stoves Sterling S900Ei 90 cm Electric Induction Range Cooker is an ideal addition to your kitchen.


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