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Induction hobs are faster to heat than electric and more energy-efficient than gas. On top of that, they’re easy to clean and the hob surface never gets hot, making them the safest option if you’ve got a house full of animals or children.

Buying your oven and hob separately means that you can ensure that each item precisely matches your needs. Induction cooktops are the most recent development in kitchen hobs and offer more functionality than traditional electric models while being significantly safer and more user friendly than gas.

It’s important to note that induction hobs only work with magnetic cookware, i.e. pans which contain enough iron in the base. If you’re not sure if your cookware will work, test the bottom using a magnet. If the magnet is attracted to it, the iron content should be sufficient for use with an induction hob.

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Induction hobs work by transferring heat directly to your pans, not the stove surface. This makes induction cooking energy efficient and prevents stains from cooking onto the surface. Here you’ll find five of the best models available in the UK that offer unparalleled value for money and durability.

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Best Induction Hobs


AEG IKB64301FB Best induction hobs

The AEG IKB64301FB is an ultra-modern induction hob with next-level technology to help take your cooking up a notch. The four zones are precisely controlled by a completely flat touch panel built into the top surface. As well as being able to adjust the temperature as you cook, there is an additional power boost button to give an instant burst of heat when needed.

Other features include individual timers for each burner and a hob to hood connection. The timers let you control how long each hob and will drop in temperature at a precise moment. Hob to hood is a system that allows you to connect your cooktop with a compatible extraction fan. Then, the hob automatically controls the level of extraction to match the cooking temperature leaving you free to concentrate on the recipe.

Although a bit pricier than other options on this list, I firmly believe that the AEG IKB64301FB is worth every penny. The added features are handy, especially the power boost button and the responsive touch controls. The only downside is that the outlines of the burners are faint and hard to see, making it tricky to be sure you’ve positioned your pans currently. Despite this, it performs flawlessly, too, providing consistent heat at each designated temperature.


  • 4.4 x 59 x 52 cm (H x W x D)
  • Four zones
  • Touch controls
  • Indicators show when the hob is on and if there is residual heat
  • 15 stage digital power level displays
  • Child safety control lock
  • Stylish black finish
  • Power boost feature can boil water in less than 90 seconds
  • Hob to hood compatible
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • The burner outlines are hard to see.

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HOTPOINT CIS 640 B Best Induction hobs

Induction hobs are known for their quick heating, but the HOTPOINT CIS 640 B takes fast cooking to the next level. Each of the square induction burners on this hob feature nine total power levels, plus a boost feature which brings pans up to temperature quickly for searing meats or boiling water.

The boost feature on this model is particularly useful, but I also love the programmable timer. Set and forget meals that take a long time on the cooktop so you can walk away without fear of overcooking your food. You couldn’t do that with most hobs, but the consistent, reliable heat provided by an induction cooktop makes it possible.

There are two smaller 1.5kW hobs and two larger 2.1kW hobs. The 2.1kW hobs are quite large and suitable for heavy stew pots or large stir-fry pans. One issue, however, is that the larger hobs do not always detect smaller pans. Instead, you must use the 1.5kW hobs for smaller saucepans. This causes problems for larger meals which require many components but isn’t an issue for everyday cooking. You can easily overlook this inconvenience when faced with the HOTPOINT CIS 640 B’s useful features and stunning design.


  • 5.6 x 58 x 51 cm (H x W x D)
  • 4 zones
  • Touch controls
  • Boost function
  • 9 stage power levels
  • Child safety control lock
  • Stylish black finish
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • The larger burners don’t detect small pans.

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BOSCH Serie 4 PUE611BF1B 

BOSCH Serie 4 PUE611BF1B Best induction hobs

The BOSCH Serie 4 PUE611BF1B doesn’t have the futuristic look of the previous hobs but still provides some useful features and excellent functionality. It has a power boost function for each of its four hobs and easy to use timer controls.

Each hob has a digital display, enabling you to choose from a staggering 17 power levels. You’re unlikely to need all of them but rather too many than not enough. However, when adjusting these settings, the controls aren’t quite sensitive enough to transition between them easily.

You also get three different hob sizes, including one small 1.4kW hob, two 1.8kW hobs, and one sizeable 2.2kW hob. This seems like a better selection than the typical two small, two large offering, but that ultimately depends on your cooking habits.

This mid-range induction hob presents an excellent value with its overall superior construction, lightning-fast heating and cooling. The helpful hob timer and power boost make it an ideal option for any kitchen.


  • 5.1 x 59.2 x 52.2 cm (H x W x D)
  • 4 zones
  • Touch controls
  • Boost function
  • Three different burner sizes
  • 17 stage power levels
  • Child safety control lock
  • Smart black finish
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • Slightly dated appearance
  • The touch controls aren’t quite sensitive enough to make all small adjustments.


HOTPOINT Smart CID641BB Best induction hobs

The HOTPOINT Smart CID641BB features peerless touch control panel and lightning-fast temperature adjustment. To start, the touch control panel looks great and makes sense. Power icons are shown below their respective hobs, each with separate controls to set power level. Use the centralised controls to set the timer.

Opting for an unusual burner layout, this hob includes two medium-sized 2.1kW burners on the right, followed by one large 2.3kW and one small 1.5kW on the left. Every burner on this hob is quite powerful and provides faster, more intense heat when needed.

Although the hobs are all a good size and quite powerful, it has difficulty detecting some pan sizes. In particular, it has a safety feature that doesn’t allow small saucepans to be detected by the largest 2.3kW burner. Safety is essential, but I expect versatility from a modern induction hob. However, this is easy to overlook in light of the price and its responsive controls.


  • 6 x 59 x 52 cm (H x W x D)
  • 4 zones
  • Responsive touch controls
  • Central timer
  • Three different burner sizes
  • Child safety control lock
  • Black finish
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Great value for money


  • You can’t use small pans on the large burners.

Best Budget: LOGIK LINDHOB16

Logik LINDHOB16 Best induction hobs

Induction cooking was once a luxury, but today cheap induction hobs like the LOGIK LINDHOB16 prove that anyone can afford and enjoy induction cooking. This is the best cheap induction hob for shoppers on a budget with its quick, dependable heating and smart, stylish design.

It uses four circular induction hobs: two at 1.4kW and two at 1.8kW. Helpfully, sensors detect the size of your pan, providing just the right amount of energy for the job at hand. This energy-efficient feature prevents smaller pans from being overpowered or large pans from developing hot spots.

Like many induction hobs, this one uses a simple touch-control interface. There are just a few buttons to control individual hob temperatures. Choose from nine power levels for precise cooking, no matter which hob you use.

It comes with an easy-to-use child lock button which prevents children from accidentally turning them on while you’re not looking. On the downside, the child lock is too easy to press while cleaning or using large pans. This small design flaw can cause massive headaches if you’re not careful.

It’s also slightly disappointing that you only get a 1-year warranty compared to the two years offered with most induction cooktops. Concessions like this are to be expected at such a low price; however, this model is not known for mechanical failure, so it’s unlikely to make too much of a difference. If you’re looking for an excellent, cheap induction hob, the LOGIK LINDHOB16 is your best choice.


  • 6 x 59 x 52 cm (H x W x D)
  • Four zones
  • Touch controls
  • Each zone has 9 power settings
  • Auto pan detection
  • Child safety control lock
  • Black finish
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Bargain price


  • You only get a 1-year guarantee

What is an induction hob and how does it work?

An induction hob is a type of cooking surface that uses electromagnetic currents to produce heat. This technology allows for very precise and efficient heating, making it more energy-efficient than using a gas hob.

Most induction hobs consist of a flat, circular surface, a built-in control panel and an induction coil.

When an alternating current flows through the induction coil, it creates a rapidly fluctuating magnetic field. When pans made of ferrous materials come into contact with the cooking surface, eddy currents are created which generate heat as they circulate around the molecules of the metal that make up the pan.

The more electricity is supplied, the hotter the material gets. This enables easy and precise temperature control.

How do you look after an induction hob?

The surfaces on modern induction hobs are far more resistant to scratching than those found on gas hobs. Despite this, care should be taken when sliding pans across them and utensils should never scrape against them.

Advantages of an induction hob

Induction hobs are easier to clean than gas or other types of cookers. The surface can get dirty but the hob only needs a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

An induction hob uses less energy and is cheaper to run than conventional electric cookers. This makes it:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Efficient

Are there any disadvantages?

Although induction hobs provide precise control, it takes some getting used to as heat builds up more slowly than on gas hobs; however, once you’ve got used to them this isn’t really an issue.

With an induction hob, pans need to be compatible or ‘induction ready’ before they can be used. if you have the incorrect pans, they won’t heat up and your food won’t cook.

What to look for when buying an Induction Hob?

Induction hobs are less common than gas and electric hobs so you’ll need to shop around. Prices vary greatly, but you can expect to pay around £200-300 for an induction hob with four cooking zones. If you want more features such as different power settings or digital controls, this could drive up prices further still.

When choosing an induction hob, think about:

  • The number of people in your household.
  • Do you like cooking complicated meals that require many pans at once?
  • The number of cooking zones – the more cooking zones, the more flexibility you’ll have when cooking.
  • What is your budget? If your budget is smaller you may have to compromise on the functionality or size.
  • Energy efficiency rating – the higher the better with A being the most efficient and G the lowest.
  • The size of the induction hob – it’s important to make sure it will fit in your kitchen.
  • Warranty length – the longer the better.


Induction hobs are a step on from their basic electric counterparts and come the closest to matching the versatility of a gas burner. However, they come into their own when it comes to cleaning. With a quick wipe down it’ll be shining like new and you’ll never have to contend with baked-on grease and food residue.

If you’ve any questions regarding induction hobs or think I’ve missed some products out that you’d like me to add, please leave a message in the comments section below.

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