4 Best Cookers for Under £300 – Tried and Tested

Budget is often at the forefront of our minds when doing so and working out what we can and can’t afford is never an easy task. Today we’re taking a looking at the best cookers under £300 at the minute.

Many people think that a new cooker is going to cost an arm and a leg. But, I want to show you that it doesn’t have to be like that, with these ‘budget‘ cookers.

The cookers in this article aren’t just made up of cheap tatt either. Models such as Indesit, Logik and Flavel (probably the most improved cooker company over the last 5 years) are now all household names and highly regarded within the technology industry.

Whilst many people call thee cookers ‘cheap’ because of their price point, I like to look at them as more of a ‘value’ product than cheap, as I hate that word.

I wanted to highlight that you don’t need to spend the world on a cooker to get a really good product. In fact, a new £300 cooker today is likely going to function better and offer more features than a £1,000+ cooker from 10 years ago.

If you’re looking to save a couple of quid and are wanting value for money without the bells and whistles, then this article is for you!

Best Cookers Under £300

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Electric cookers are already affordable compared to their gas and dual fuel counterparts, meaning you can find plenty of great electric cookers under £300. My top pick is the Flavel MLB5CDW for its clean, minimalist design and advanced functionality.

The Flavel MLB5CDW is compact at just 50cm, fitting in even the smallest kitchens. The plain, uncomplicated design also lends to its versatility. This cooker blends flawlessly with any décor. I appreciate the intuitive knob layout, too. Clear, simple icons above each knob indicate its function, and each knob has an operational light so you can read the cooker at a glance.

This electric cooker features a modestly sized 39L fan-assisted main oven which heats up quickly and cooks evenly. The same can be said for the 19L grill, which comes complete with a grill pan and handle. Ceramic oven liners make the interior easy to clean, as is the ceramic cook-top. The Flavel MLB5CDW’s four electric ceramic hobs reach temperature much quicker than old electric coils, and can be wiped clean in seconds with a damp cloth.

Of course, not everything is perfect with this cooker. First, the oven shelving is a little flimsy, even sagging slightly under the weight of heavy or multiple dishes. Also be aware that the Flavel MLB5CDW lacks a timer. This small inconvenience can easily be circumvented by setting your phone alarm or by using an egg timer, but it’s a feature many of us have come to expect nonetheless. Finally, the ceramic cook top is highly prone to scratching and staining. Be sure you know how to care for ceramic hobs before making your final decision.


For freestanding, functional cooking look no further than the Flavel MLB5CDW Electric Ceramic Cooker.

£259.99 £299.99

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If you prefer the superior temperature control and long-term savings of gas cooking, the Logik LFTG60W16 won’t disappoint. This no-nonsense gas cooker leaves out all the frills to so you can enjoy the benefits of gas cooking without paying a fortune upfront.

At 60cm wide, the Logik LFTG60W16 is suitable for almost any home. On one hand, I like that this cooker doesn’t overcompensate with false chrome detailing or over-design. Then again, you may be disappointed that your kitchen doesn’t feel ‘elevated’ by your new cooker. At least it’s available in black or white to suit your other appliances.

The Logik LFTG60W16 forgoes embellishment to instead give you bold, easy-to-read icons over each knob and quick, accessible On-Off switches for oven lights. Also enjoy large, heavy enamel pan supports that are easy to clean and built to last. Little details like that go a long way to the overall usability of a cooker and are where the Logik LFTG60W16 really excels.

Interestingly, the Logik LFTG60W16 uses three pilot sizes across its four hobs: small, medium, and large. Two medium hobs are in the back, while the bottom right hob is large and bottom left hob is small. I like the versatility here, allowing you to use the perfect amount of flame for the job. Pan supports are a bit uneven, though, resulting in them rattling against the stove top while you cook.

Moving on, this gas cooker features a 41L conventional main oven and 19L variable grill above. Both are protected by double glazed viewing windows that can be fully removed for easy cleaning. The oven also includes enamel liners to lessen the chore of cleaning your cooker. Inside the oven, enjoy five different shelving positions and an anti-tilt bracket that keeps dishes from sliding off the shelf when you pull them out. Safe, practical, and low-maintenance, the Logik LFTG60W16 is an amazing value among gas cookers.


Large enough to accommodate family meals, the classic Logik LFTG60W16 has a medium sized cavity and separate grill.


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Dual Fuel – INDESIT I5GSH1(S)

Get the best of both gas and electric cookers with the Indesit I5GSH1(S), my top pick for best dual fuel cooker under £300. There are a lot of things to love about this cooker but I’d like to focus first on its sleek, modern design. This cooker looks as though it could be in an industrial kitchen with its surgically straight lines and matte silver finish. Bring your kitchen into the 21st century or else complement your other modern appliances with this gorgeous cooker.

On to its features, the Indesit I5GSH1(S) conserves space by combining oven and grill in one 61L cavity.

That means you get the benefit of a large oven in the compact space of a 50cm cooker. Ideal for large families or prolific chefs with small kitchens, never limit your meals to the size of your cooker again! Sadly, only one shelf comes with this cooker, meaning you need to purchase another to cook on multiple levels. Also, neither the grill nor the oven is fan-assisted, meaning the Indesit I5GSH1(S) takes a little longer to heat up and cook food than other cookers.

The Indesit I5GSH1(S)’s four gas hobs use low-maintenance enamel pot supports and feature auto-ignition. These pan supports aren’t as robust as those found on the Logik LFTG60W16, but they don’t rattle like the Logik’s supports, either.

Amazingly, Indesit managed to fit an roomy storage area underneath the oven to held organize all your pots and pans out of sight. Even more incredibly, this inexpensive dual fuel cooker comes with a 10-year parts warranty, ensuring your investment well into the future.

INDESIT I5GSH1(S) - (Dual Fuel)

Reach trickier areas of your oven with ease thanks to the removable door glass, which can be washed in the sink so there's no need for kneeling down and scrubbing by the floor.


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Range – LOGIK LFTG90X17

Although the Logik LFTG90X17 is normally listed at over £300, smart shoppers can use discount codes to get it under budget. If you can wait for the right discount, I highly suggest you do just that, since this cooker blows the rest on this list away with its overall features, design, and capacity.

Like the Indesit I5GSH1(S), the Logik LFTG90X17 is a dual fuel cooker with gas hobs and electric oven. That’s where the similarities end, however. The Logik LFTG90X17 is 90cm wide, affording it a generous 99L multifunction oven and integrated grill. The oven preheats rapidly and keeps even temperature throughout for consistent results every time. Leaving no stone unturned, the fan-assisted oven comes with two sturdy shelves and five shelving positions for ultimate flexibility. Anti-tilt brackets keep food from slipping and improve the overall safety of this cooker.

Thanks to its impressive size, the Logik LFTG90X17 accommodates five total gas hobs, including a large center wok burner. Sturdy enamel pot supports are easy to clean and well designed so that pots stay flat while you cook. The only complaint here is that ignition is manual, requiring you to keep a lighter or box of matches nearby.

In addition to all its wonderful features and beautiful design, the Logik LFTG90X17 comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee to grant you peace of mind. Savvy shoppers who manage to get this remarkable cooker on sale or through discount codes are getting the absolute best value for their money.

LOGIK LFTG90X17 - (Range)

There's plenty of room for multitasking with your Logik LFTG90X17 90 cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker.

£379.99 £389.99

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Final thoughts

The cookers that I’ve included in this list are probably about as good as you’re going to find right now. There are some real bargains to be had and as long as you aren’t a brand-snob, then you’re likely going to get everything you need for a fraction of the price of a Rangemaster, Stoves, Belling etc.

There are a couple things that I wanted to pint out before I sign out from the best cookers under £300.

  1. Warranty – Manufacturer’s warranty is something that pretty much all companies offer and their service to fix your product should something go wrong, will likely be great. But, the smaller companies often have a few more loopholes than the more mainstream ones. For example, a couple of key terms are the length of the warranty and the liability they will include. Some have it as short as 3 months, which is no time at all really and may not cover accidental damage. It’s for this reason that it might be worth looking at third party extended warranties for your product or even extended via the manufacturer. The money you’ve saved from these lower proceed cookers means that paying a couple of quid a month for peace of mind might not be a bad thing.
  2. Aesthetics – As you can see from the list, you don’t need to worry about your cooker looking “cheap”. In fact, some of the designs on offer these days are great and look like they are much more valuable than they actually are.
  3. There will be negatives – The likelihood is, that at this price point, there are going to be negatives with the cooker. This could be anything from functionality, heaters, design, longevity, energy rating and plenty more. What you need to do is work out what you are wanting to get from the cooker and if it’s flaws will affect you at all. For example, we’ve spoken previously about some cookers having the temperature numbers on dials below the dial, so you need to crouch right down to get an accurate reading. Now, if I were spending £1,000 on a cooker, then this would put me off. But, if I’m getting in for a great deal for under £300 then is it really a £700 problem? No, is the answer, FYI.

A great saying that someone said to me when coming up with useful ideas for articles on the site is “first world problems”. When budgeting for a value cooker, this couldn’t be more apt.

Is the fact that the cooker takes 2 minutes extra to get to temp an issue? Does the slightly ill-fitted cast-iron grill warrant avoiding the product? Do the glossy finish that shows up finger marks matter all that much? Does it matter that your second oven is conventional and not a fan oven?

Again, answer to most in this budget is no. People often get caught up with reading hundreds of reviews on a product and only taking away the negatives or simply seeing that it’s had a few 1-star reviews on Amazon.

Take the time to see what the issues were and then see if they would bother you.

Hopefully you found my guide on the best cookers under £300 and I’ve at least given you some food for thought. If you need any more info, drop a message in the comments box and I’d be more than happy to help.

Paul has been working in the electrical and large-appliance industry for over a decade, alongside some of the biggest manufacturers in the world. Whilst taking on his own kitchen renovation in 2017, he saw that there was a lack of quality cooker reviews and took it upon himself to make it his job to create a site that offered in-depth and independent advice for other potential consumers.

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