Zanussi ZCV66030XA Review

Zanussi ZCV66030XA

Zanussi built cookers have become increasingly popular within the homeware industry of late.

They are starting to build a solid reputation for producing high quality products at very affordable price points – many of which are being released with some extremely handy features, such as steam cooking options and pyrolytic cleaning.

It was this reason that really prompted me to take a good hard look at one of their newest entries into the market; The Zanussi ZCV66030XA electric cooker.

Zanussi are a pretty intriguing brand. If we are being brutally honest, they probably haven’t always had the best rep. But, seeing some of the reviews for the ZCV66030XA, I simply had to take a look

*Spoiler Alert – It’s awesome!*


The first thing you notice about this particular piece of machinery is its appearance. Using a combination of dark black screens, smooth stainless steel, and lots of glass, it actually looks like a much more expensive option than it truly is.

Zanussi ZCV66030XA

While it won’t win any awards for ingenuity or creative design, the ZCV66030XA screams simple quality.

After going in for a closer inspection, it is worth noting that I was also quite happy with both the feel and the look of the cookers dials. They me provided extremely clear markings, making them very easy to see. With this, they also felt smooth and sturdy – as opposed to some of the cheaper ovens on the market that do undoubtedly feel a little ‘tacky’ (for lack of a better word…).


This sturdiness was also apparent in each of the oven handles, and with the oven doors themselves – where they not only moved quite easily, but also felt solid under a bit of weight.

Considering the amount of use that this type of cooker is likely to experience in its lifetime, this is obviously a pretty good thing.

Although some people may be somewhat uninspired with the rather simple design, I think it appeals perfectly to its target market. For those looking for a nice simple looking machine that will fit in 90% of kitchens (that also won’t break the bank), this design is an excellent choice.

Size and capacity

After getting a good feel (and look) for this particular machine, I was actually quite taken back with how large it felt.

Advertised to those individuals who are a little short on space, the Zanussi ZCV66030XA comes in at only 60cm wide and 60cm deep (meaning that it will undoubtedly fit into most kitchens), which is actually quite small for most modern day cookers.

Yet, even despite this, it still manages to squeeze in two decent size oven compartments.

With this in mind, the bottom oven has a capacity of 74 litres, while the top oven has a capacity of 65 litres, both of which equate to a whopping 134 liters of total oven capacity. This makes it an absolutely excellent option for those individuals who like entertaining, as it provides us with the capacity to cook two completely different dishes simultaneously when required.


As an added bonus, the ZCV66030XA is designed using Zanussi’s new ‘Thermaflow®’ technology. This technology forces air within the oven over a centralized ring element, spreading it evenly throughout the entirety of the ovens volume.

This essentially guarantees that both ovens will remain at their set temperature, irrespective of what the other oven is set at. This really does make cooking multiple meals at once an absolute breeze.

In conjunction with its large volume, the top oven also doubles as a grill, which is obviously an essential component of any cooker.

While this method of grilling isn’t quite as good as those cookers with a more traditional standalone grill, the ZCV66030XA certainly does a serviceable job. And if we take a second to consider the space saved by opting for this type of combination grill, it is unquestionably a worthy trade off.


I must admit that as I was genuinely shocked with both the size and quality of this affordable piece of homeware, I also wasn’t particularly prepared the features that also came with it.

Often with a machine that falls within the more ‘budget’ price bracket, you get the bare minimum that is required of an oven – and that’s if you’re lucky.

But that wasn’t the case here.

The Zanussi ZCV66030XA comes with two key features that are worth touching on in greater detail, the first of which I have already mentioned briefly – and that’s the Thermaflow® technology that has been integrated into its design.

I previously mentioned that this particular technology ensures that when both ovens are set to different temperatures, they will both be heated accurately, in which the heat from one will not interfere with the other.

With this, it also guarantees a perfectly even temperature throughout the entirety of the oven compartment. This makes it absolutely perfect for baking and roasting, where an even temperature is essential to cooking every single aspect of the dish evenly.

As an added bonus, this same technology greatly increases the speed that the oven heats up (particularly in comparison to older fan-forced ovens), which is not only convenient, but also saves us on energy as well.

In conjunction with this specific heating technology, the ZCV66030XA has also been designed using an easy to clean enamel interior. This means that you can literally just wipe away any grease after cooking – completely eliminating the need for any harmful chemicals.

Each of these features are quite rare to come across in such an affordable option, making them a very nice addition to this budget cooker.


Zanussi ZCV66030XA Energy Rating

Final Thoughts

When I first got my hands on the Zanussi ZCV66030XA, I must admit that I was a little skeptical. Often with machines coming within this more budget price bracket, there is an associated drop in quality and performance.

But I can safely say – that with the ZCV66030XA – this isn’t the case in the slightest.

While its design is indeed simple, it offers durable construction in conjunction with a clean finish that would make it suitable for almost any kitchen. This is combined with some extremely useful features that make both cooking AND cleaning an absolutely breeze.

As an added bonus, even despite its somewhat smaller stature, it still manages to provide two extremely well sized oven compartments. This makes it entirely possible to cook two dull meals at exactly the same time, without any heat interference.

All of this makes it an absolutely fantastic choice for those of you who have a smaller kitchen, or are looking for a reliable and efficient cooker that won’t break the bank.

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