The Best Ceramic Hob Cleaner

Best Ceramic Hob Cleaner

Flat ceramic hob surfaces are much easier to clean than solid-plates or gas burners. However, despite the flat, wipe-clean surface, spills and stains still get baked on making it nearly impossible to bring back the shine.

To help you keep your hob surface in pristine condition, I’ve been finding out which cleaning products really work and will make the job easier. There are numerous useful products but I’ve narrowed it down to the four best.

Each of the items in this list performed well at the basic tasks and provided extra features as well. Whether you’re looking for a sparkling finish, a stain-resistant coating or a simple daily cleaner, we’ve got the ideal product for you.

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Importance of Keeping Hobs Clean

There are two main reasons to keep your ceramic hob clean. The first concerns your health and the spread of bacteria. The second is about maintaining your hobs and ensuring their longevity.

  1. Regular cleaning will remove bacteria and germs that may contaminate your food. When cooking, we spill things, pans boil over and you will be handling implements, handles and food. This increases the chances of cross contamination. If you are cooking with high-risk foods like chicken, which can contain e-coli and salmonella, it is very easy to contaminate your ceramic hob. Regular cleaning will protect you and your love ones from getting sick.
  2. Regular cleaning will extend the lifetime and efficiency of your hobs. Spilt food dries on and boiled over liquids leave behind starchy residue. If left, this can build up, reducing how effectively the rings heat and shortening the lifetime of your ceramic hob.

Why Use a Ceramic Hob Cleaner?

Baking Soda and White Vinegar

You’ve probably already read plenty of guides that implore you to use white vinegar or baking soda to clean just about everything in your home. Whilst they can be effective, occasionally it’s better to choose a product that is designed for heavy duty cleaning, requires no preparation and doesn’t need to be left for an age to work.

When using vinegar and baking soda, you will:

  • Need to leave it for around 15 minutes to loosen debris, kill bacteria and eliminate germs. It’s much quicker to clean your ceramic hob with hot soapy water as part of your regular cleaning schedule.
  • You will need to use multiple items rather than a single product. Plenty of effective cleaning products can be purchased for as little as £1 so long gone are the days of vinegar and baking soda being the more cost-effective method.
  • You may need to spend time diluting vinegar to get the right concentration. With a ready made cleaner, you scrape, squirt and wipe. Bish, bash, bosh!

What’s Needed to Clean Ceramic Hobs

What you need to clean a ceramic hob

You only need 3 things to deep clean your ceramic hobs.

  • A scraper
  • Clean cloths
  • A good quality hob cleaner

When choosing a scraper or cloth it is important to find one that won’t cause damage to your ceramic hob. A poorly engineered scraper, a wire brush or overly abrasive sponge will scratch the surface leaving permanent damage.

Similarly, when choosing a cleaner, you want to avoid those with plastic microparticles or other particles added to be abrasive.

How to Clean a Ceramic Hob

Daily Clean

Each time you finish cooking, it’s important to give your ceramic hob a quick clean. This will stop food drying on and make long term maintenance much easier.

To carry out your daily clean simply wipe it down with hot soapy water and a soft cloth. No specialist products needed.

Deep Clean

Once in a while a deep clean is required. This will take a little longer, around 10-15 minutes. But much longer if you have neglected the daily clean and there is lots of dried on food.

  1. Wipe down with hot soapy water. This will remove any residue and start to soften dried on food.
  2. Using a specialist hob scraper remove any food debris.
  3. Apply your chosen cleaner, in my case I use Hob Brite (the number one product listed below) leave to soak in, then wipe down and polish using a clean cloth or paper towel.

Best Ceramic Hob Cleaners

Homecare Hob Brite Ceramic & Halogen Hob Cleaner

Consider Homecare Hob Brite for a streak-free shine that works on even the toughest baked-on messes. Stains that are weeks, months, or even years old are no match for this terrific ceramic hob cleaner. No matter how old your cooker is, this will keep it looking like new. That’s why I recommend it for older cookers that have lost their shine. Burnt-on stains and messes that other products never pick up just melt away with one application of Homecare Hob Brite.

As with all ceramic hob cleaners, I advise cleaning your hob with a sponge or other soft abrasive before applying a generous amount of Homecare Hob Brite. Apply with a paper towel or a dry washcloth – something that is a bit rough. Let the solution sit for a minute or so, longer for stubborn stains. Finally, buff out the solution with a clean paper towel. For serious messes, use a scraper after cleaning with Homecare Hob Brite. It will be much easier to uplift stubborn messes like black rings. The most severe stains will still require serious elbow grease, so be prepared to scrub. 


  • Gives a shiny, streak-free finish
  • Will loosen even the worst stains
  • Builds up a stain-resistant layer after several uses.
  • Great value for money


  • The severe stains still require extra elbow grease.

Electrolux 55-EL-18 Vitro Care Ceramic Hob Cleaner

This concentrated formula is one of my favourites because it takes just a few drops to clean and shine your ceramic hob to perfection. The Electrolux 55-EL-18 Vitro Care comes in an affordable 250ml bottle that will last you for months.

Designed for any type of glass or ceramic and especially vitro ceramic, this cleaner is safe to use on any electric or induction hob. Use for a blinding polish that makes your whole kitchen feel brighter and cleaner. This solution cuts through grease and burnt messes fast to save you time and energy. While lesser solutions require a lot of tough scraping and buffing to achieve a sleek finish, Electrolux 55-EL-18 loosens food fast and makes it much easier to remove.

Start by cleaning off surface grime with a soapy sponge, being careful to remove any food debris with a scraper if necessary. Next, add 2-4 drops of the Electrolux 55-EL-18 Vitro Care to a microfiber or similar towel. You will then need to rub the solution over your hob until all parts are covered. At this point, you may use a micro-fibre cloth to work away messes and stains. Once finished, wipe and buff away the remaining residue for an incredible, streak-free shine. 


  • Quickly breaks down tough food residue
  • Provides an impressive shine
  • Concentrated formula
  • Comes in a large 250ml container
  • Less buffing and scraping is required


  • It’s not suitable for use on other kitchen surfaces.

BOSCH Original Cooker Glass & Ceramic Hob Cleaner Kit

Need an all-in-one cleaning kit for your ceramic hob? The BOSCH Original Cooker Glass and Ceramic Hob Cleaner Kit were made with you in mind. Included in this set you find a microfibre cloth, a high-quality scraper tool and a 250ml bottle of Bosch Hob Cleaner. With these tools, you can bring the dreariest ceramic cook-tops back to life with a smooth, sparkling surface. 

Pre-scrub your hob top with warm soapy water to start, removing any excess grime. Once dry, use one or two drops of the Bosch Hob Cleaner on the microfibre towel to spread the cleaner evenly over your hob. For tough messes, use up to four drops of liquid to help loosen up old stains. Buff out the rest of the solution with the dry part of the cloth until your hob is shining like new. Tough stains and burnt-on rings of food come off easily with minimal elbow grease thanks to the unique scraper tool.


  • Long-lasting formula
  • Comes with a microfibre cloth and a scraping tool.
  • Minimal scrubbing is needed
  • Odourless
  • Gentle on skin


  • It’s pricier than its competition

HG Ceramic Hob Daily Cleaner

Most ceramic hob cleaners market their ability to remove stains and baked-on messes. While the HG Ceramic Hob Daily Cleaner does help loosen food messes, it’s not intended for badly neglected hobs. Instead, this solution is designed for everyday use between deep scrubs. Instead of using heavy, expensive, abrasive creams every day, the HG Ceramic Hob Daily Cleaner is an affordable option that makes it quick and easy to keep your hob sparkling. This cleaner also features a more mild solution which many prefer over concentrated formulas. 

Let’s set the scene: it’s pasta night and after dinner you notice that some sauce has dried on one burner, pasta water splashed on another, and there are bread crumbs all over the hob. Nothing too bad, but your once-flawless hob is now looking a mess. Instead of going for the expensive cleaner, grab HG Ceramic Hob Daily Cleaner instead. Simply spray the area down and wipe with a clean towel. You won’t believe how easily everything wipes away, leaving a crumb-free shine with just one wipe.

HG Ceramic Hob Daily Cleaner is scented, which may be a pro or a con depending on how you like the smell. It’s not too strong, but there’s a detectable “fresh” smell even after you wipe the solution away, similar to some laundry detergents.


  • An everyday cleaner that can be used alongside more concentrated products.
  • Scented
  • Milder solution
  • Affordable


  • It won’t tackle the big baked on messes.


Wiping your hob down regularly and cleaning up the worst spills as soon as they happen, will make cleaning much easier and keep it looking like new.

This selection of cleaners will help you keep your hob looking spotless whether you clean it once a day, or once a month. You will be amazed at how such affordable products can cut down on the amount of scrubbing required.

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